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9 Best Ahrefs Alternatives (Free and Paid)

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Ahrefs Alternativs


In today’s digital marketing landscape, SEO tools are indispensable for businesses aiming to enhance their online visibility and outrank competitors. Among these tools, Ahrefs stands out as a powerhouse, offering comprehensive features like keyword research, backlink analysis, and competitive benchmarking. However, no single tool fits every company’s unique needs and budget constraints. This reality prompts many to explore other options that might align more closely with their specific requirements or offer more cost-effective solutions. Thus, exploring different SEO tools can provide valuable insights and alternatives tailored to diverse marketing strategies.

Overview of Ahrefs

Ahrefs is renowned for its robust suite of SEO tools, primarily celebrated for its powerful backlink analysis capability. Users can uncover the websites linking to theirs, gauge the quality of these backlinks, and discover new linking opportunities. Additionally, Ahrefs offers extensive keyword research tools, site auditing features, and competitive analysis functionalities, which collectively help users optimize their websites and outmaneuver competitors in search rankings. The platform is particularly favored by SEO professionals and marketers for its detailed insights and data-driven approach.

Despite its strengths, Ahrefs might not be the perfect fit for everyone. Reasons for seeking an alternative could include its premium pricing, which might be prohibitive for smaller businesses or individuals. Others might look for tools that offer different features, such as more localized SEO data, simpler interfaces, or specific integrations with other marketing tools.

Top Ahrefs Alternatives

1. SEMrush



SEMrush excels with its extensive capabilities in keyword research, site audits, and competitive analysis, providing detailed insights into organic traffic, paid search results, and social media engagement.

Unique Selling Points

SEMrush enables users to track competitors’ keyword strategies effectively. This feature allows businesses to adapt and refine their SEO strategies based on competitive insights. Additionally, the integration of a marketing calendar helps in planning and tracking marketing activities efficiently.


SEMrush offers a tiered pricing model that starts with the Pro plan, suitable for freelancers and startups, scaling up to the Guru and Business plans for growing agencies and enterprises. This flexibility makes SEMrush a strong contender among Ahrefs alternative for businesses of varying sizes.

2. Moz Pro


Moz Pro delivers a comprehensive suite of SEO tools including site audits, keyword research, and backlink analysis. Its Page Optimization tool provides actionable recommendations to improve webpage content for better search rankings.

Unique Selling Points

Known for its supportive community and exceptional customer support, Moz Pro offers abundant SEO knowledge and resources. The MozBar browser extension, providing SEO data at a glance, solidifies its position as a valuable choice among Ahrefs alternative.


Moz Pro’s pricing starts with the Standard package, suitable for SEO newcomers, extending to Premium packages that cater to more advanced needs, making it accessible to a wide range of users looking for an Ahrefs alternative.

3. Majestic


Majestic stands out with its specialization in backlink analysis, boasting one of the largest link intelligence databases available. Users can explore the backlink profile history of any site and assess the quality of both their own and their competitors’ links.

Unique Selling Points

Majestic’s Site Explorer offers detailed views of a domain’s inbound links and site summary metrics. Additionally, its proprietary metrics, Trust Flow and Citation Flow, assess the quality and influence of links, making it an essential tool among Ahrefs alternatives.


Majestic’s pricing includes several plans, from Lite for entry-level users to Pro for advanced users, and API access for businesses needing to integrate Majestic data with other tools. Its diverse pricing makes it a significant player among Ahrefs alternative.

4. Serpstat


Serpstat is a versatile growth hacking platform that provides a wide array of SEO functionalities, encompassing keyword discovery, competitive intelligence, and website audits.

Unique Selling Points

Serpstat sets itself apart with unique features like keyword clustering and text analysis tools, which help refine SEO content to match user intent more closely. This functionality makes it particularly effective for content marketing strategies, positioning it strongly among Ahrefs alternatives.


Serpstat provides flexible pricing plans, making them accessible for individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises. This scalability supports a wide range of SEO needs, enhancing its appeal as one of the Ahrefs alternative.

5. SpyFu


SpyFu is highly specialized in competitive intelligence, offering detailed insights into competitors’ most profitable keywords and ads for both paid and organic searches.

Unique Selling Points

SpyFu allows unlimited downloads of competitors’ keywords and ad copy, and provides historical data to track SEO rankings over time—a feature not commonly offered by other tools. These capabilities mark it as a competitive choice among Ahrefs alternative.


SpyFu features a straightforward pricing model with unlimited search results, data exports, and domain overview reports, which provides excellent value for marketers focused on competitive analysis, reinforcing its status among Ahrefs alternatives.

6. SEO PowerSuite


SEO PowerSuite combines rank tracking, site auditing, backlink analysis, and link management tools in a comprehensive desktop-based suite.

Unique Selling Points

Unlike many cloud-based tools, SEO PowerSuite allows for a one-time fee purchase of its software, which includes updates for a specified period. This offline access feature distinguishes it from Ahrefs alternative, especially for users preferring local access to their data.


SEO PowerSuite offers a free version with basic features and two paid versions—Professional and Enterprise—that provide more advanced capabilities and increased data allowances, making it a unique option among Ahrefs alternative.

7. Ubersuggest


Ubersuggest provides tools for keyword suggestion, content idea generation, and competitive analysis. Recent enhancements include daily rank tracking and a website audit tool.

Unique Selling Points

What sets Ubersuggest apart is its affordability and the inclusion of a free version that offers significant functionality. This makes it particularly attractive to bloggers and small to medium-sized businesses looking for cost-effective Ahrefs alternatives.


Beyond the free version, Ubersuggest offers competitively priced monthly subscription plans, further solidifying its position as one of the more accessible Ahrefs alternative.

8. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo focuses on content discovery and performance analysis, helping users to identify the most shared content on social media for any given topic.

Unique Selling Points

BuzzSumo excels in analyzing which content performs best for any topic or competitor, providing insights that are crucial for developing effective content strategies. This capability makes it an indispensable tool among Ahrefs alternatives for content marketers.


BuzzSumo’s tiered pricing structure starts with the Pro plan, which is ideal for individuals and small teams, and includes more advanced plans offering deeper insights like historical data and content analysis. This range of options enhances its usefulness as one of the Ahrefs alternative.

9. Google Search Console


Google Search Console provides tools to monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot a website’s presence in Google Search results. It includes data on search traffic, performance, and site issues.

Unique Selling Points

As a free tool directly from Google, it offers unparalleled integration with the search engine, providing essential data that is critical for any webmaster. This aspect alone establishes it as a fundamental resource among Ahrefs alternatives.


Google Search Console is completely free, making it an essential tool for any website operator, regardless of budget, and a compelling choice among Ahrefs alternative for those seeking no-cost solutions.

Comparison of Features

Keyword Research Capabilities

When evaluating Ahrefs alternative, keyword research is a critical area of comparison. SEMrush, for instance, excels with its ability to provide detailed keyword analytics and competitive keyword insights, which can be especially valuable for high-level SEO strategies. On the other hand, Ubersuggest offers simplified keyword suggestions and search volume data, which may be more accessible for beginners or smaller businesses. Serpstat integrates unique keyword clustering, enhancing content relevancy by grouping similar keywords, a feature not as prominently highlighted in Ahrefs.

Backlink Analysis Tools

Backlink analysis is another vital component of SEO tools. Majestic is a standout in this category, with its extensive link intelligence database and specialized metrics like Trust Flow and Citation Flow, which are designed to evaluate the quality and strength of backlinks. This makes Majestic particularly useful for those focused on link-building strategies. SEO PowerSuite also offers robust link analysis tools but does so from a desktop environment, allowing for data access without continuous internet connectivity, which can be a distinct advantage over the web-based interface of Ahrefs.

Usability and Interface

Usability is a key factor that can influence the choice of an SEO tool. Google Search Console is exceptionally user-friendly, offering straightforward tools and data directly from Google, making it an invaluable tool for webmasters who need direct insights into how their sites are performing in Google Search. BuzzSumo, while not a traditional SEO tool, offers an interface focused on content analysis, making it ideal for content marketers who need user-friendly and effective content engagement data.

Competitive Intelligence

SpyFu is an exceptional tool for those prioritizing competitive intelligence. It allows users to download competitors’ keywords and ad strategies, providing a direct look at successful SEO and ad campaigns. Understanding and potentially outperforming competitor tactics can give businesses a strategic edge. SEMrush similarly offers competitive analysis but combines it with broader digital marketing insights, making it suitable for businesses seeking comprehensive marketing data.

Pricing and Value

Finally, pricing plays a crucial role in selecting an SEO tool. While Ahrefs offers a range of powerful features, its pricing may be prohibitive for some users. In contrast, Ubersuggest provides a free version and affordable plans, making it an attractive Ahrefs alternative for those on a tighter budget. SEO PowerSuite’s one-time fee model is unique in the landscape of typically subscription-based SEO tools, offering long-term savings for those willing to manage software locally.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an SEO Tool

Selecting the right SEO tool can significantly impact the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. When considering an alternative to Ahrefs or looking for an Ahrefs-free alternative, several factors should guide your decision.

Budget Constraints

The cost of SEO tools can vary dramatically, from free versions to premium packages costing hundreds of dollars per month. For those on a limited budget, exploring an Ahrefs free alternative like Google Search Console or the free tier of Ubersuggest can provide essential SEO insights without a financial commitment.

Specific Features Needed

Each SEO tool offers a unique set of features. Determine which features are most crucial for your SEO strategy. If backlink analysis is a priority, a tool like Majestic, known for its comprehensive link data, might be ideal. If keyword research and competitive analysis are more important, SEMrush or SpyFu could better suit your needs. Match the tool’s strengths with your primary SEO activities.

Scale of Operations

Consider the scale of your operations. Larger organizations might require a tool that offers extensive integrations, collaborative features, and the capacity to handle large data sets, like SEMrush or Moz Pro. Smaller businesses or individual bloggers might find simpler, more cost-effective tools sufficient for their needs.

Making the Right Choice

Evaluate Ahrefs alternatives by considering how well each tool aligns with your specific requirements. Whether you need a comprehensive tool with advanced functionalities or just the basics without cost, there’s likely an alternative to Ahrefs that fits your criteria. Remember, the best SEO tool is one that not only fits your budget but also enhances your SEO efforts through its unique features and usability.


In conclusion, while Ahrefs is a powerful SEO tool, various alternatives offer unique advantages that may better suit specific needs, budgets, and operational scales. Whether you require advanced features, a user-friendly interface, or cost-effective solutions, carefully consider what each tool brings to the table. By aligning the tool’s capabilities with your strategic goals, you can enhance your SEO performance effectively, ensuring that your chosen tool is not only a fit but a strategic asset in your digital marketing arsenal.

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