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9 Best Customer Analytics Tools and Software

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Best Customer Analytics Tools

There has been an increase in customer analytics tools as the need for customer satisfaction has seen a drastic increase. It is important to keep track of the customers in order to give them efficient customer service, and software can help with that.

Using the right software helps to find out the exact wants and needs of the customer and gives you an idea about the potential solutions. Here is the list of the top 9 customer analytics software you can consider using:

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1. Google Analytics

Google is the best resource for getting information about customers. You can know how the customers are engaging with the content and advertising and about their landing page choice. You can get access to the exclusive data that only Google can get. This also includes the point of original information to see which sites are turning the traffic your way. If you have a Google account, you can get this data for free, and this helps small businesses and start-ups.


  • Quick and excellent reporting
  • Understanding consumer behavior
  • A/B testing various landing pages

2. Mixpanel


Mixpanel is an excellent customer analytics software that helps in gathering insights about the customer’s demographic and their behavior on the website and app. It has a lot of features, including generating custom reports, tracking user interaction, analyzing the product for conversion, and more. 

Mixpanel has the ability to break down user actions and create funnels for understanding user interaction. With this huge amount of information in your hands, it becomes easy to make decisions.


  • User drop-off data
  • Clear user retention data
  • Includes popularity data of the customer

3. Hotjar


Hotjar is a popular customer analytics software with nearly 5,00,000 users. This tool makes it easy for you to see customer interaction on the website through screen recordings and heat maps. Hotjar shows the clicks, scrolls, and taps on a website to understand customer behavior by providing a visual overview. 

You can get insights about where customers get stuck on the website by knowing about the individual user recordings. With this valuable information, it becomes easy to make necessary changes for customer engagement.


  • See actual data of people 
  • Get heatmaps of user action on your site
  • Visual feedback from users through surveys, polls, widgets, and more

4. Kissmetrics


Kissmetrics is a customer analytics software that provides services to e-commerce and SaaS businesses of all sizes. Kissmetrics tracks the individual customer behavior in their whole lifecycle. This helps to deliver real insights into the behavior of the customers. 

The metrics that will be tracked include new trails, signups to conversion rates, customer chum, time to sign up, and other indicators. You can divide the data of the customer into populations and cohorts by creating simple, highly visual customer reports.


Follow each consumer path to know their best features 

Monitor the monthly revenue

A clear picture of the likes and dislikes of customers

5. Woopra


Real-time customer analytics are made accessible by Woopra to growth-driven businesses to attract and keep more clients. Woopra creates a profile and keeps track of individual persons, including websites and social media activities. 

Targeting in marketing campaigns can be improved by a data process with a strong data set and its user’s location information. This application differs from other customer analytics software in terms of customer engagement, as it allows you to customize the user experience.


Compile data from several areas

Customer journey analytics tools

Real-time sending of personalized messages to any user

6. Zoho Pagesense 

zoho pagesense

Use Zoho Pagesense customer analytics software to get important behavioral data of customers. You can make smarter business decisions by quickly knowing how users are engaging with your website and the reasons why users behave in a particular way. 

Users of Pagesense can set up business objectives to track crucial metrics and understand which web pages on your site are responsible for significant drop-offs. You can see user scrolling patterns and the most popular features on your website with the help of the built-in heatmap tool. 


Get data about their scrolling patterns

Perfect heatmap of user behavior

Personalized data and insights

7. Sprout Social

sprout social

Use Sprout Social to improve your brand and strategy for each aspect of your business. Transform your marketing by doing everything in just one location. You can work more efficiently and maintain constant awareness of everything going on without going into the details. 

Maintain a consistent customer profile by using Sprout Social to keep track of all of your previous conversations across platforms and networks. Teams can view, manage, and schedule social media postings across many platforms using the collaborative content calendar.


  • Moderation in social media ad comments
  • Turn any social media message into a task or a reminder
  • Create chatbots for social media conversations

8. BrandWatch


With the help of BrandWatch, an AI-powered customer analytics software, brands can gather and analyze online conversations to help guide their business decisions. BrandWatch is a social media monitoring tool used by thousands of companies to monitor social media conversations about their brands, products and services, and industries. 

This enables businesses to quickly and effectively make better data-based decisions that are aligned with the wants and trends of their customers. You can also evaluate and strengthen your social media presence by comparing your performance with competitors.


  • Find micro-influencers in your niche with whom your audience can connect 
  • Crisis management and competitive analysis
  • Keep track of social media mentions of your companies or competitors

9. Crazyegg


Crazyegg is an excellent customer analytics software for consumer insights. Businesses use Crazyegg to track the clicks on their websites, the pages, and the posts that users view. Marketers can enhance any website’s user experience and gain a deeper understanding of their target audience by using this data. 

Businesses can see user flow and assist a customer if they get stuck using visual reports and individual screen recordings. Users can design many test layouts and find out which one works the best with the built-in A/B testing.


  • Easily integrates with other tools
  • A/B testing and confetti tool
  • Add team members for free

Final thoughts

Now you would be aware of the list of top customer analytics software. After knowing about the features of these tools, you should define your goals for using this tool and look for the one that suits your preference. Make sure that features specific to your business are present in the software you choose. 

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