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The 4 Best Insightly Alternatives 2024

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Insightly offers CRM software for companies of all sizes in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, consulting, professional services, media and advertising, non-profit, technology, and others. Insightly is the most widely used CRM software globally for customers of Google and Office 365, with more than 1.5 million users and over 25,000 enterprises.

Apart from the benefits Insightly offers, some businesses require different kinds of features that Insightlty might not have. 

So, here you will learn about Insightly alternatives along with their features, cons, and pros. Once you know about them, you can choose the best application for your business:

1. EngageBay:


The all-in-one CRM EngageBay streamlines customer service, marketing, and sales processes for companies. The solution automates repetitive duties, including email correspondence, contact management, deal tracking, help desk automation, live chat, etc. It helps you establish deep, lasting relationships with your clients. With deal management, appointment setting, and sales automation, EngageBay assists companies of all sizes in finding new possibilities and increasing visitor conversion. Also, you can provide excellent customer service and swiftly address issues with automated tickets.


  • Email marketing
  • Landing sites
  • a live chat or help desk
  • Tickets


  • Excellent customer service begins with a reliable, user-friendly customer care solution. In this regard, EngageBay has you covered with helpdesk tools that monitor and rank customer tickets for a speedy answer.
  • From a single, straightforward interface, you can handle unlimited tickets, customize the ticket view, and filter data to meet your requirements.
  • On the other hand, advanced service automation solutions make it simple to automate standard customer support procedures to save time and boost agent productivity. Additionally, you may combine tickets and develop pre-written FAQ responses so that agents can handle more tickets in less time.


  • Cons of EngageBay include recurrent bug difficulties and several products that are still under development.
  • Limited customization choices for templates, particularly for email and landing pages.         

2. HubSpot:


HubSpot CRM is a user-friendly platform that enables sales teams to get going right away without altering their current procedures. This program is perfect for companies that want to explore the potential of a CRM solution or for those that can’t get the most out of their present CRM. The best part is that Hub Spot CRM provides all the necessary capabilities without adding unnecessary functionality. The app is actually offered gratis by the manufacturer.


  • Free CRM
  • Website Builder
  • Meeting Scheduler
  • Live Chat


  • Speaking of the HubSpot Academy, the software has a vast repository of information and resources, including courses, certifications, live training, quick answers, and video tutorials on just about every topic imaginable.
  • The best part is that you can keep studying long after you first sign up because new resources are constantly being uploaded.


  • Not just HubSpot requires a lot of manual effort to be automated. Other marketing automation tools do as well. The system actually needs to be customized to your needs and business for it to function successfully.
  • For instance, to automate your marketing as effectively as possible, the proper procedures must be put up. You’ll just be wasting your money if you don’t spend the time setting it up to work for you.

3. Keap:


Keap is a customer relationship management platform that is ideal for beginners in this software category as well as small business owners. The platform’s ability to combine sales and marketing automation is a big green for startup enterprises. Keap is a straightforward, all-in-one CRM platform with specific, set-up-and-use functionality for sales and marketing automation. The platform is made to help your business expand, with the understanding that you may not be a sales funnel or CRM expert.


  • Demand Generation.
  • Digital Analytics.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Event Management


  • One user-friendly platform combines sales and marketing automation.
  • Access to a customer success manager, U.S.-based phone help, and round-the-clock chat support via the Keap app are all features included in all plans.
  • For a more effective sales process, leads can be automatically collected and scored.


  • Many software connections cost money each month.
  • Your contacts, Ten products, and one landing page are the only things you may migrate for free.
  • With contact-based pricing, your monthly base fee increases as your contact list gets bigger.

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4. Pipedrive:


By salespeople, for salespeople, Pipedrive is a sales CRM. You can use it to determine the best strategy for turning leads into clients who will make a purchase. This is accomplished by assisting you in determining the stage of your leads’ buyer’s journey, making it more straightforward for sales teams to track their progress as they come closer and farther away from becoming clients or customers. Additionally, this CRM software features robust analytics that enables you to explore your customer data and essential business performance metrics thoroughly.


  • Email marketing
  • Campaign Management
  • Lead management 
  • Forecasting


  •  The ability to choose the appropriate activities and deals to focus on is one of the advantages one can regularly mention in our Pipe drive analyses. This makes this app very beneficial for salespeople, sales managers, and business owners. With Pipe drive, everything can be altered. You can add customized fields to adjust your sales funnel phases to meet your company’s needs. A single click can also activate or deactivate an entire module.
  • Your sales pipeline can go with you because of mobile apps. You can utilize the mobile web version of the app on your chosen browser if you use a tablet.


  • For small to medium-sized companies, there will be no chance for big companies to benefit from Pipedrive. This limitation affects the value of the pipe drive.
  • Lacks integrations with significant businesses like SAP or Oracle, which is expected in today’s industry.
  • Fewer features and solutions to handle marketing. Fewer features can’t help businesses to the fullest. Partial helping only will be done.

Wrapping it up:

Even though Insightly has a good reputation, it also has some cons. The above-mentioned alternatives to Insightly must fulfill the business requirements that Insightly fails to offer. With the constantly changing technological advancements, please adapt your businesses to trending requirements.

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