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The 7 Best Meeting Scheduling Tools for 2024

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Best Meeting Scheduling Tools

Today, well-organized coordinating meetings are crucial in a fast-growing environment. So, the best meeting scheduling tools help individuals and team members update the entire process by looking at the exact meeting time. Scheduling software helps to acquire the utmost capabilities and resources in a balanced way. So, these scheduling tools help maximize your time, balance additional workload, and modernize resources, resulting in efficient time management, improved productivity, and lasting working relationships. They enable face-to-face communication, decision-making, networking, information exchange, relationship development, assuring everyone is on the same page, and getting work done. Here you will come to see 7 best scheduling tools that are revolutionizing the way meetings are arranged and managed, which are listed below:

1. Calendar:


Calendar is one of the best meeting scheduling tools for basic daily needs. These tools have advanced features that automate your distributed meetings free of charge from bookings. With the help of Calendly, you can permit everybody to use your calendar and plan an appointment via your personalized booking page link. As a business owner, you can insert your logo and embed the Calendar link on your website. A calendar is ideal for interviews or team sessions with customized meeting templates for any enterprise or department, like sales, trade, and HR. As a team member, you can schedule meetings, track each performance goal, and permit others to reserve meetings directly on your website. 


  • Automatic Meeting Scheduling
  • Customized meeting types
  • Checks for availability in real-time

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2. Zoho Bookings:

zoho bookings

Zoho Bookings is a great online meeting scheduler with a flawless user-friendly interface for easily setting up and booking meetings. It helps adapt to various scheduling needs your business may have, such as one-on-one meetings, team management using round-robin scheduling, and holding seminars or workshops, by allowing you to establish different meetings. Zoho Bookings stands out by permitting you to adjust the booking page visitors land on to book a conference. To match your brand image, insert a background image, select from various themes and color palettes, add extra text, upload your symbol, and fully personalize your booking page. You may bring them on board, grant them various permissions, and allocate them to multiple services.


  • Build a booking form to gather information.
  • Set distinct availability times for your services.
  • Include meeting intervals and buffer time.

3. Doodle:


Doodle is a user-friendly meeting scheduling tool that allows every individual and group of team members to arrange meetings, events, and collaborations rapidly. The scheduling platform is designed to handle any size or type of meeting or event. With Doodle one of the best meeting scheduling tools, you can make it easy to stay in control by scheduling meetings and other tasks that are guaranteed to be successful workflow. Furthermore, the platform interacts effortlessly with your preferred online tools, providing even more schedule flexibility. Doodle has the best features that are reliable and powerful solutions for anyone who wants assistance organizing their hectic lives, from individual users to organizations.


  • Choose from a variety of meeting dates and times.
  • Select a location or make a Google Meet link.
  • Set a polling deadline.

4. Google Calendar:

Google Calendar is a multifunctional application that enables users to arrange their appointments, events, and other commitments easily. With the best meeting scheduling tools, you can get various scheduling capabilities, including group scheduling for many people at once, calendar sharing with friends and coworkers, and event reminders to provide seamless integration. Furthermore, the calendar’s look may be completely changed to match your preferences, making the user experience even more customized. With Google Calendar, You can share your scheduled meeting time with others and build numerous calendars to share with your team. Because the calendar is created for groups, you and your colleagues can use it together.


  • Make a meeting by adding an event to your calendar.
  • Change the time.
  • Invite your guests and assign them varying levels of access.

5. Calendly:


Calendly is the best platform that helps to save you time when scheduling meetings and allows guests to get together with you with only a few clicks. The layout is straightforward, and the booking page features a gorgeous calendar-like design to demonstrate your available days. Calendly allows you to suggest different times to your visitors so they can select a time that works for them, putting an end to back-and-forth or any indistinct accessibility. Calendly enables you to run a team and establish several meeting formats for your guests to book. One team member can oversee a group meeting, and invite book meetings with numerous team members, and incoming sessions are assigned to your team as a round-robin.


  • Meetings should have different working hours.
  • Set the minimum and maximum booking periods available to your guests.
  • Configure automated notifications and reminders.

6. CozyCal:


CozyCal assists businesses in streamlining the booking procedure and building customer interactions. With the help of CozyCal, you can customize your booking pages, external calendar sync, adaptable event, and time settings, auto-timezone recognition, package booking, resource booking, team preparation, and customizable intake forms are in the middle of the capabilities.CozyCal one of the best meeting scheduling tools allow businesses to handle numerous bookings simultaneously, as well as set up intake forms, value tiers, and mechanical email reminders that can be personalized to the requirements of every business.


  • Manually confirm meetings
  • Make the meeting confirmation page your own.
  • Create meeting rooms and add them to a separate calendar.

7. OnceHub:


OnceHub is a cutting-edge meeting journey builder that assists experts in creating and maintaining enhanced in-context meetings. Using OnceHub, Users may meet their audiences on their conditions and familiarize them with the skill for their specific requirements.OnceHub turns any industrial engagement into an entirely custom-made experience that connects with clients and keeps them interested long after the meeting.


  • Choosing how many time slots to provide each day
  • Transforming the look and sense of your booking page
  • Whether guests can schedule a single session or numerous sessions at the same time

Wrapping it up:

From the above mentioned, proper meeting scheduling is important for productivity and collaboration. So, the best meeting scheduling tools can update the process, remove scheduling conflicts, and develop overall time management. Whether you are an individual professional, part of a team, or run a service-based organization, these tools have the advanced features and capabilities to change how you position and handle meetings.

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