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99designs Review: Top Design Marketplace

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99designs Review


In the competitive world of freelance design, 99designs stands out as a pioneering platform connecting talented designers with clients globally. This 99designs review delves into the platform’s innovative features, pros and cons, and how it measures against competitors like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. With a unique approach to design projects and a focus on quality, 99designs offers a distinctive marketplace for creative work.

Key Features of 99designs

Starting with a comprehensive 99designs review, the platform’s standout features position it uniquely in the freelance design marketplace. Here’s a closer look at what makes 99designs a top choice for clients and designers alike.

Crowdsourcing Design Contests

99designs revolutionizes the design process by enabling clients to host contests where designers submit their concepts. This approach fosters creativity and variety and allows clients to choose the design that best fits their vision, all within a competitive, yet collaborative environment.

One-on-One Projects

Beyond contests, 99designs facilitates direct collaborations between clients and designers. This feature is perfect for those seeking a more personalized design experience or for ongoing work with a designer whose style and work ethic have already won the client’s approval.

Designer Search Functionality

99designs Review highlights the platform’s robust search functionality, allowing clients to browse through designer portfolios using filters such as design category, experience level, and response time, making finding the perfect match for their project easier.

Design Categories Offered

From logo and web design to packaging and book covers, 99designs covers a wide range of design categories. This diversity ensures that clients can find specialized designers for any project need, all in one place.

Money-Back Guarantee:

99designs stands behind the quality of work produced on its platform with a money-back guarantee. This policy underscores their commitment to client satisfaction and quality outcomes, offering peace of mind to clients exploring creative solutions.

Interactive Creative Brief

The platform’s creative brief process is designed to be interactive, helping clients define their project needs and visions effectively. This structured approach ensures designers have a clear understanding of the project scope from the outset, leading to more accurate and creative submissions.

Collaboration Tools:

99designs review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning its collaboration tools. These tools facilitate seamless communication and feedback between clients and designers, streamlining the revision process and ensuring the final design meets or exceeds expectations.

Pros of Using 99designs

Before drilling down into a 99designs review, it’s crucial to highlight the platform’s numerous advantages that cater to a broad spectrum of design needs. From accessing global talent to ensuring client satisfaction through dedicated support, here’s what makes 99designs a go-to for design projects.

Access to Global Talent:

One of the most significant benefits of using 99designs is the access it provides to a global pool of designer talent. This diversity allows clients to find unique styles and creative perspectives from around the world, ensuring a perfect match for any design requirement, from traditional to cutting-edge.

Unique Design Concepts through Contests

The contest model employed by 99designs fosters an environment of creativity and innovation, where multiple designers submit their concepts for a single project. This approach not only offers clients a variety of design options but also pushes designers to deliver their best work, knowing they compete with peers from around the globe.

Quality Assurance and Money-Back Guarantee

99designs underscores its commitment to quality and client satisfaction with stringent quality control measures and a money-back guarantee. This assurance lets clients feel secure in their investment, knowing they will receive designs that meet their standards or get their money back.

Flexible Pricing Options

Catering to a wide range of budgets, 99designs offers flexible pricing options through its contest model and direct hire projects. Whether clients are startups looking for cost-effective designs or established companies seeking premium creative work, 99designs has a pricing tier to match every budget.

Dedicated Customer Support:

The platform prides itself on comprehensive customer support, guiding users through every step of the process. From setting up a contest to finalizing designs, 99designs’ support team is there to ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience, emphasizing the platform’s dedication to user satisfaction in this 99designs review.

Cons of Using 99designs

Kicking off this section of the 99designs review, it’s important to address some of the platform’s limitations and challenges faced by users. While 99designs offers a unique and comprehensive service, certain aspects may not align perfectly with every client’s or designer’s needs.

Higher Costs Compared to Other Platforms

In comparison to other freelance marketplaces, 99designs can appear more expensive, primarily due to its contest-based model which requires a higher initial investment. This pricing structure, while ensuring a wide range of concepts, might not be the most economical choice for clients on a tight budget.

Overwhelming Choices for Clients

The very essence of 99designs’ contest model can lead to an abundance of design submissions, presenting clients with the paradox of choice. Sifting through numerous options to find the perfect design can be overwhelming and time-consuming, potentially complicating the decision-making process.

Contest Model May Not Suit All Projects

Certain projects may require a more nuanced understanding or a longer-term collaboration than the contest model can provide. For these types of engagements, the lack of initial direct communication and the brief nature of contests might not be the best fit, limiting the platform’s applicability.

Limited Direct Collaboration Initially

The structure of 99designs means that direct designer-client collaboration is somewhat limited at the beginning of a contest. This can pose challenges for projects where ongoing communication is essential from the start, potentially affecting the project’s direction and outcome.

Designer Competition Can Be Intense

From a freelancer’s perspective, the competitive environment on 99designs, while fostering creativity and excellence, can also be highly challenging. Designers might find themselves investing significant time and effort into contest submissions without a guaranteed return, which can be particularly tough for newcomers trying to establish themselves.

Comparison with Competitors

This part of the 99designs review, comparing it with leading competitors like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer reveals distinct differences in service models, project execution, and freelancer-client interaction dynamics. These contrasts help potential users choose the platform that best suits their specific needs.


Unlike 99designs, which specializes in connecting clients with a global pool of design-focused talent through contests and direct projects, Upwork offers a broader freelancer base covering a wide range of skills beyond design. This generalist approach means clients can find professionals for virtually any job; however, it might require more effort to sift through candidates to find those with the specific design expertise that 99designs readily offers through its curated environment.


Fiverr’s model of pre-packaged gigs contrasts with the customized design contests and projects offered by 99designs. On Fiverr, freelancers list specific services with fixed prices, providing clear expectations upfront. This model can be efficient for straightforward projects with defined requirements. However, for clients seeking unique, tailor-made designs through a competitive creative process, 99designs offers a platform where multiple designers pitch their best ideas, providing a breadth of creative solutions not typically found in Fiverr’s gig-based approach.


The project bidding system on Freelancer, where freelancers bid on posted jobs, offers a different dynamic compared to the design contest model of 99designs. While Freelancer allows for a wide range of project types and direct negotiations on price, the competitive nature of 99designs’ contests specifically fosters creativity and innovation in the design field. Clients may find that the contest model on 99designs yields more varied and creative outcomes, as designers vie not only for the project but also to showcase their skills amongst a community of peers.


In conclusion, this 99designs review underscores the platform’s significant value to both businesses seeking creative design solutions and designers looking for reputable projects. 99designs distinguishes itself in the freelance marketplace with its unique contest model, offering a plethora of design options, fostering a competitive yet collaborative environment, and providing access to a global talent pool. As we’ve explored, 99designs stands as a beacon for quality and innovation, solidifying its esteemed position among freelancers and clients alike.

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