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7 Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (2023)

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Best Email Marketing Services

Email is one of the most powerful marketing that is very useful for small businesses. It can improve engagement, build relationships with customers, and give a higher Return On Investment. The success of your email marketing starts with finding the right email marketing service.  
Do you need email marketing for your business? Choosing the right email marketing service can provide better success in the marketing campaign. To help in your selection process, here is a list of the top 7 best email marketing platforms for small businesses in 2023, along with their features:

1. Brevo


Brevo provides both affordable prices and quality service. It also offers comprehensive features that are specific to email marketing. It also provides a strong CRM and better options for automation, integration, and segmentation compared to other email marketing services. 
It is also a fantastic SMS marketing tool, and to create emails you can choose from a variety of templates. Brevo helps you to design unique procedures that can send emails quickly. Even the actions your visitors take on your website can be used to send emails. In Brevo, you can automatically send an email reminder if a customer adds an item to the cart but does not buy it. 


  • Free email marketing plan for any number of contacts
  • They offer a separate SMTP email marketing service in bulk
  • Brevo offers user-friendly email marketing automation tools 

2. Constant Contact


Constant Contact is one of the best email marketing platforms for small businesses and has been rapidly expanding in recent years.  It is also the most user-friendly and beginner-friendly email marketing service. You can manage your email lists and have access to unlimited emails, simple tracking and reporting, and integrated social media sharing capabilities. 
The Email Plus accounts include strong features like drip campaigns, promotions, and online donations. These features help small business owners quickly understand the basics of email marketing and improve their business prospects.


  • It is easy to send any automated emails like the abandoned cart reminders
  • A/B testing can be used to send targeted emails
  • Better customer service

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3. Omnisend 


Omnisend can be your marketing tool if you run a small business in the e-commerce sector. It provides different types of user-friendly e-commerce marketing solutions. Omnisend is trusted and used by over 70,000 e-commerce businesses.   
They have many template selections that work well for email campaigns with lots of visual content. Omnisend’s user-friendly drag-and-drop content editor allows each template to be customized quickly. 
You can use segmentation and optimization tools like A/B testing. It can make audience segments that can increase your conversion rates by nearly 60%. For this Omnisend will use the profile information about your consumers and their purchasing behavior.


  • Without coding or advanced knowledge about email, it offers pre-built templates for emails.
  • Get workflows for top-converting email strategies
  • Lead generation popups to increase the Return On Investment

4. ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign is a cheap email marketing platform that is simple to use and has various features personalized for small businesses. These personalized features make it one of the best email marketing platforms for small businesses and startups. 
ActiveCampaign has a CRM system to handle leads and automatically arrange sales and marketing. Process automation is a bonus for Active Campaign users. It offers innovative, educational data that can be used to determine what is working and what is not working in email campaigns.  
ActiveCampaign filters the customer experience in a better way which makes it an excellent email marketing tool to use. The platform also categorizes the prospective users by product, industry, and role. This enables the platform to entirely adapt your email marketing service needs based on who they are and what they are searching for.


  • Design and write emails for any specific audience
  • Personalize emails for different audience segments
  • Offers A/B test feature

5. Drip


For online retailers, bloggers, and digital marketers, Drip can be a valuable email marketing tool as they provide a variety of solutions to make automation simple. All of the famous website builders are integrated with their Drip email marketing software. This makes it easy for you to add popups to your website and get more amount of more leads. Drip offers a variety of features, including live chat support, webinars, and more, making it one of the best email marketing platforms for small businesses.


  • It provides drag-and-drop and template features
  • Website and emails can be integrated
  • Date insights for a behavior-based automation

6. OptinMonster


OptinMonster is considered one of the best conversion optimization software platforms for small businesses in the market. It helps the business to convert website visitors into customers easily by increasing email subscribers. 
It has easy integration features like slide-in modules, lightbox popups, coupon wheels, welcome mats, and much more. It has a lot of features that help the business automatically target users and provide them with personalized campaigns. 
For instance, on the different pages of your site, you can show your targeted messages. You can also show the campaigns that are based on geographic location and user activity.


  • It offers many integrations
  • Effective drag-and-drop feature
  • Java and HTML editing is also possible

7. MailChimp


MailChimp was one of the best email marketing platforms for small businesses and also for medium and large businesses. MailChimp offers many special features like autoresponders, separating contacts into groups, a drag-and-drop email builder, and very simple tracking analysis. 
It has added the feature of setting up the delivery time based on the user’s timezone, and also you can set up the segmentation based on geolocation. The interface is simple, and the basic version is free with different types of integrations.


  • MailChimp provides a lot of integration
  • CRM product suite for automation and more
  • Offers appointment booking feature

Final thoughts

Today many people are reading emails. So, it is the reason why using the best email marketing platforms for small businesses can provide you with better business prospects. Check the features of the email marketing services given above and choose the one that fits your business. When looking for price comparison always give extra weightage to the services and features the marketing service offers rather than focusing only on price

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