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Bitrix24 Review: Compared to the Best CRM Software

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Bitrix24 Review

Are you curious about Bitrix24? Are you wondering if it truly meets the needs of the best CRM solution? Of course, Yes! Bitrix24 stands out as a powerful CRM platform. Moreover, it may be among the top competitors of free CRM offerings.

Bitrix24 is an excellent solution for teams, startups, and small enterprises looking to try out CRM without making a financial commitment. It provides comprehensive features, allowing users to organize marketing campaigns, improve lead conversion rates, and even assist HR administration. Looking into the Bitrix24 Review before investing in any software is essential. Here, you can look into the complete review of Bitrix24. 

Recent updates

Bitrix24 has undergone a few significant upgrades in recent days. The software now includes an Instagram integration. It allows you to message your followers directly from Bitrix24. Also, it will enable customers to purchase your company’s products from within the Instagram app. 

In addition, it has also included a built-in office suite. It allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows within the platform and share them via internal chat. 

Finally, Bitrix24 has extended the maximum number of participants in a video conversation to 48. That’s a significant advantage for medium-sized organizations that wish to schedule meetings with multiple teams.

Bitrix24 CRM Free vs. Paid

Bitrix24 offers free and paid versions to meet various company needs. The free plan provides unlimited users unrestricted access to leads, deals, contacts, and companies, but with a storage limit of 5GB and just one pipeline. It lacks the advanced sales capabilities and brand removal alternatives in pricier subscriptions. However, Bitrix24’s free version is a fantastic starting point for CRM adoption. As organizations grow, upgrading to premium programs provides access to more advanced capabilities. Despite its limitations, Bitrix24’s free CRM has received great feedback, making it a popular option in the free CRM market.

Bitrix24 CRM Features List 

It is essential to see the features offered by Bitrix24. In the Bitrix24 review, users can find pricing, user experience, and customer support discussions. Here are some of the important features of the Bitrix24 review:


Bitrix24’s automations receive positive feedback for their ease of use. Customers can initiate workflow automation by sending emails, making phone calls, or visiting landing sites. You can receive real-time notifications when a contact triggers an event and moves along in the sales pipeline. It can also perform segmentation to route clients through more personalized funnels.

Live Chat

Very few platforms include live chat as part of their free CRM. Bitrix24 does. Customer service should consist of a live chat feature. You can create routing and conversation transfer rules. Automatic scripted answers, such as greetings, are simple to put up. Users who engage in conversation can rate your service. Live chat can be used with other communication channels, such as phone calls and emails.

Social Media Messaging 

Bitrix24 offers a variety of social network and messaging features that interact smoothly with popular platforms, including Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Skype, Telegram, and Viber. Bitrix24 allows you to manage your publishing efforts efficiently and track audience responses to your social media material.

Website Creator 

Bitrix24 allows you to create easily and host websites for free, with limitless bandwidth. Its simple visual website builder will enable you to create sites without any coding skills. Simply drag and drop ready-made ‘blocks,’ with hundreds of possibilities to pick from. Furthermore, all features may be adjusted for SEO, and Google Analytics support is built-in. Moreover, Bitrix24 websites integrate a live chat widget effortlessly to improve client connection.

Comparing Bitrix24 With Other Best CRM Software

Bitrix24 vs. Zoho

Bitrix24 has a better price than Zoho CRM because it combines comprehensive features and affordable pricing. Zoho CRM has a modular price structure. While this strategy allows organizations to customize their CRM solution to meet their individual needs, it may raise expenses, particularly for those requiring more functions. This modular pricing may result in higher expenses for organizations compared to Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 vs. Salesforce 

Bitrix24 is a versatile platform that includes project management, communication tools, company promotion elements, and CRM capabilities. In contrast, while dominant in CRM, Salesforce might be difficult due to its complexity, creating a learning curve for new users and necessitating extra time and money for training and installation.

Bitrix24 vs. Monday.com

Bitrix24 provides various project management tools, such as task creation, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, time tracking, workload management, and advanced reporting. Its adaptability accommodates both simple and sophisticated project requirements. On the other hand, Monday.com promotes simplicity with customized boards and visual timelines while maybe lacking certain advanced functionality.

Final Thoughts

Bitrix24 provides excellent value, especially with its free edition. For individuals who have grown accustomed to the free version and find their operations expanding, upgrading to one of Bitrix24’s premium plans is still a worthwhile investment. Overall, a Bitrix24 review is a valuable resource for businesses considering its adoption.

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