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Calendly Reviews: Is it Really Worth it to use this Booking App? 

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Calendly Reviews

Are you managing several customer meetings or calls? One of the most time-consuming components of corporate operations is organizing schedules to locate a convenient meeting time. Here comes the Calendly software! 

This platform makes this process easier by eliminating the need for tedious back-and-forth to plan meetings. As a business owner, you can easily provide a Calendly link to your customers or clients. It is essential to check the Calendly Review, which provides valuable insights into the user experience and functionality of the software. Let’s look at Calendly in detail. 

What is Calendly? 

Calendly is an appointment scheduling software that offers extensive options upfront. It caters to large and smaller organizations, providing a user-friendly interface. Users can set their availability and share booking page links with clients, who select their preferred meeting times.

Calendly automatically adds appointments to the user. This modern method streamlines scheduling, offering greater efficiency compared to traditional approaches.

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Who Can Benefit From Calendly?

Calendly supports businesses looking to streamline their meeting organization operations. Calendly provides advanced features to save time and automate monotonous tasks, whether you arrange meetings on a regular or irregular basis.

It is ideal for freelancers, small businesses, and major corporations in various fields, including computer software, education, information technology, marketing, and advertising. Calendly is useful for users with demanding to intermediate scheduling requirements because it improves workflow efficiency.

Features of Calendly

Are you looking to use Calendly software? Then, it is necessary to know the Calendly Review, where you will get essential information about the software. Let’s see some important features of Calendly. 


Calendly booking is easily embedded into your website, allowing people to make appointments without leaving your site. Integration is simple for popular website platforms. Personalize your website’s landing page to suit your brand’s identity.

Time Zone

Organizing a meeting across various time zones can be difficult, but Calendly makes the process easier by automatically recognizing attendees’ locations and time zones. This guarantees that people in different time zones see your availability at their local time. It allows seamless scheduling regardless of geographical variances.


Share your availability with a single click by attaching a scheduling link or a list of available hours in emails or web pages. Set meeting time limitations and include buffer intervals before and after meetings to help you manage your schedule successfully.


Calendly links smoothly with other applications. It lets you sync your availability across many calendars simultaneously. Clients who make meetings using these platforms are automatically linked to your Calendly calendar. Calendly interfaces with the payment platform, allowing you to manage transactions straight from the app. Calendly supports over 80 apps and provides a wide range of integration options.


Automate workflows to send reminders and email follow-ups for personal and team event types. Streamline your scheduling process by creating a single workflow and applying it to multiple event types. It reduces the need for manual customization.

Calendar management

Avoiding multiple bookings is critical for service-based firms to prevent revenue loss and maintain customer happiness. Calendly’s settings and options enable smooth synchronization with your calendar. This tool allows you to properly manage your schedule and reduce the chance of overlapping appointments. It relieves the stress and hassle associated with multiple bookings.


Calendly’s mobile app is accessible on the Apple and Google Play Stores. It allows you to access it anywhere. The Calendly App enables users to share links, book one-time meetings, preview schedule pages, and manage events directly from their mobile devices.

Calendly Pricing and Plans

  • Free Plan: It allows for creating one event type, such as a 15-minute meeting. Users can customize their booking link, send automated event notifications, and create unlimited meeting polls or one-off meetings.
  • Essentials: Priced at $8 per user per month, the Essentials plan offers two monthly calendar connections. Users can send invitee email reminders and follow-ups, personalize their confirmation page with personal links, and customize their cancellation policy.
  • Teams Plan: This plan is for businesses conducting group meetings or events. This plan costs $16 per user per month. It offers features like round-robin event types, managed event syncing across teams, and integrations with other platforms.
  • Professional plan: Calendly’s Professional plan costs $12 per user per month if billed annually or $15 per user per month if billed monthly. It includes features like text notifications, over 700 app integrations, and advanced functionality for regular Calendly users.
  • Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise Plan provides advanced features such as technological flexibility, security and legal reviews, activity logs, onboarding support, and phone support for technical issues.

Final Thoughts

Calendly offers reasonable pricing and delivers excellent performance, even in its free plan. It is ideal for those willing to invest in a premium calendar solution, particularly due to its unique approach to managing large events. For those seeking a regularly updated and efficient solution, check Calendly Reviews for better results.

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