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Zoho Bookings Review 2024: Features, Pros & Cons

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Zoho booking review

In this digital world, having the right software to operate a business is essential. Choosing the wrong software might waste significant time and money.

Are you struggling to find the right software to manage your bills? Then look no further than Zoho Booking software. Zoho Bookings provides a comprehensive scheduling solution for organizations and professionals looking to manage appointments and resources more efficiently. 

This software makes booking, rescheduling, and synchronizing appointments easier, increasing client engagement and organizational efficiency. Take time and read Zoho Bookings Review before investing in any booking software. In this post, you will see the Zoho Booking software in detail.

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What are Zoho Books?

Zoho Books offers online accounting software that streamlines bookkeeping and accounting tasks while providing a comprehensive financial management and invoicing solution. Its user-friendly design and automation tools make accounting processes easier for firms of all sizes. 

This accounting software has features designed to improve bookkeeping and accounting procedures. It allows accountants to stay organized and efficient.

Essential Features of Zoho Books


Zoho Books creates professional invoices for clients, which is as simple as a few clicks. Users can personalize invoice templates, including logos, and set up automatic reminders for overdue payments to retain professionalism and ensure fast customer payments.

Seamless Tax Handling 

Zoho Books simplifies tax management, including automated sales tax computations, to ensure accountants comply with current requirements. The software corrects tax computations and generates necessary reports for exact tax filings.


Zoho Books easily integrates with various top corporate software, including CRM systems and project management tools. It allows for easy data sharing between organizational departments. For example, when a customer pays an invoice in Zoho Books, the CRM system can be automatically updated to reflect the payment status.

Calendar Sync 

Zoho Bookings supports native two-way synchronization with calendars, including Zoho’s, Google Calendar, and Outlook. This functionality allows users to monitor their business and personal appointments across both calendars effortlessly.

Reminders and Notifications

Zoho Bookings features in-app notifications for staff members whenever a new appointment is booked, modified, or canceled, with customizable options available in the general menu. For customer notifications, you will need to access each service individually. From the service notifications option, you can select email notifications for booking confirmations and rescheduled or canceled appointments.

Booking Page 

When you create an account with Zoho Bookings, you can immediately modify your booking site’s appearance, including themes, colors, and layout. As an administrator, you may access the booking page options through your profile. It allows you to change the logo, title, description, and layout. You can also customize your booking page URL in the general settings.

Pros of Zoho Booking


One of the pros of Zoho Books is its pricing structure. It is notably more economical than that of its competitors. This affordability makes it an invaluable asset for small businesses with limited software budgets. In general, Zoho Bookings reviews regarding pricing suggest that the Zoho Book free plan is suitable for small companies.


Zoho Books offers a comprehensive suite of accounting features that align with those provided by major accounting software solutions. Notably, these features are available across all plans, eliminating the need for pricier plans to access advanced functionalities. From invoicing and recurring expenses to transaction locking, each plan, even the free plan, has powerful features to meet various accounting requirements.

Customer Support

All Zoho Books plans, including the free tier, include access to exceptional customer support. While email support is available in the free plan, paid plans offer additional options such as email, voice, and chat support. Customer support is accessible 24/5, providing timely assistance during working hours.

Add-Ons and Integrations

In addition to selecting the appropriate plan, Zoho Books offers various add-on features to customize your accounting solution. From popular payment gateways to point-of-sale and document apps, Zoho Books provides numerous add-ons and integrations to enhance its functionality. Additionally, seamless integration with native Zoho apps ensures a smooth user experience.

Cons of Zoho Books

User Limitation

Zoho Books has a user limit, which might be a big barrier for enterprises that require several users. While the free plan supports two users, even pricier plans have limitations. The Ultimate plan allows only 15 users, although many competitive accounting software allow unlimited users. 

Invoicing Restrictions

Zoho Books limits the number of invoices generated each year. For example, the free plan can accommodate up to 1000 invoices. Even the paid plans, the Standard plan, the Professional plan, and the Premium plan have some restrictions. These caps may or may not meet the firm’s invoicing needs.

Final Words

Zoho Books is a comprehensive accounting system designed specifically for small businesses. Overall, Zoho Bookings reviews are positive for its user-friendly design, reliability, and ability to enhance operational efficiency. Despite its low cost, the software has enough functionality, making it an appealing option for enterprises.

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