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5 Best CRM For Real Estate (for All Real Estate Agents) in 2024

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Best CRM for real estate

Maintaining organization is essential for real estate agents to succeed and, more significantly, to grow their business and sell more houses. 

You want to avoid scrambling to find your client information in a disorganized spreadsheet when the housing market is booming, getting new clients left and right, and closing sale after sale. 

CRM software is your only source of accurate information about clients and prospects, enabling you to build relationships and make informed decisions. A CRM is crucial for high-achieving real estate salespeople to manage a healthy pipeline efficiently, saving them time and mental strain. 

It is essential to pick the best CRM for real estate. The five best real estate CRMs in 2024 are mentioned here. 


HubSpot is the most widely used CRM for companies of all kinds. Its marketing automation features are its main strength, but it also provides a full suite of software solutions for managing sales, customer service, and operations, among other business-related tasks. 

They have excellent email marketing skills, and a project management application with a marketing theme is integrated. HubSpot’s marketing tools and content management system (CMS) are useful if your primary source of real estate leads is inbound marketing. 

Building landing sites, creating marketing campaigns, and sending drip emails are simple. It is one of the best CRMs for real estate. This product is perfect for real estate companies looking to grow while maintaining a single, unified system.


  • Task automation
  • Call tracking tools
  • Email templates
  • Free option

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2. Wise Agent:

Real estate agents can manage their businesses using Wise Agent, a customer relationship management software. The platform has all of the typical functionality one would anticipate from a CRM application. 

Wise Agent also includes several tools to assist you in marketing your listings and pursuing prospects. It also provides a slew of functions to keep you productive and organized. 

You may design unique workflows, set up automated tasks and reminders, and use integrated reporting to monitor your progress. Wise Agent is a potent all-in-one best CRM for real estate designed by agents for agents.

Wise Agent can help you manage all aspects of your business in one location by providing powerful automation, time management features, smooth transaction management, and a central database containing all your customer data. 


  • Lead automation
  • Transaction management
  • Marketing Solutions

3. Zillow:

Zillow is a well-known real estate listing website with an agent CRM component. Agents can enter and maintain client contact information in the CRM, track leads, schedule appointments, and schedule open houses.

The Zillow CRM’s integration with the Zillow website is one of its advantages. This implies that consumers can easily retrieve listing data and contact details from the Zillow interface.

Among its productivity features are tasks, personalized notes, and alerts. Using the Zillow CRM will remove competition for you as the sole realtor that potential buyers will see on your listing.


  • Mobile app
  • Listing exclusivity
  • Reminder

4. Propertybase:

Propertybase is one of the best CRM for real estate platforms designed to assist real estate agents in running their businesses. The software includes tools for managing contacts, listings, and transactions. 

Propertybase is a great tool because of its adaptable contact management system. Agents can easily create personalized contact lists and manage clients, leads, and prospects. 

Propertybase provides lead generation tools, a website builder, and CRM functionality. Managers will find it easier to lead their teams of realtors with their lead distribution system, team management features, and performance analytics tools. 

Therefore, even though the company provides a wealth of online materials, consider this before making your ultimate choice.


  • Listing management
  • Syncs with Google and Office 365
  • Easy analytics tracking

5. Pipedrive:

In addition to the typical customer relationship and lead management tools, this CRM has features like a drag-and-drop interface and a visual sales funnel. Of course, there is also email, integrations, and customizable reports. 

Pipedrive was created to make the CRM experience for users as easy as possible. By building personalized pipelines, the tool visualizes sales and allows you to track each deal’s exact position in the sales funnel. By choosing the best CRM for real estate, you can be highly benefitted. 

It is an excellent option for small companies or brokerages needing a simple CRM solution. At a fair price, it provides all the necessary capabilities, and the visual pipeline is particularly useful for tracking the status of deals throughout the sales cycle.


  • Syncs with Google Calendar
  • Segment leads
  • Contact history

Final thoughts:

Those mentioned above are the five best real estate CRMs in 2024. Managing a real estate company is always challenging. You must determine which CRM would yield the finest outcomes for your real estate company. You and your team may increase customer communication while streamlining and expediting the sales process with the help of a CRM.

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