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10 Best Marketing Project Management Tools in 2023

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Best marketing project management tools

Marketing Project Management software has revolutionized the way of planning, collaborating, and tracking marketing projects. In marketing, it assists in task management, campaign planning, team collaboration, and more. 

Using the right marketing project management tools can simplify most of marketing management. A marketing team may be paying separately for time tracking, file sharing, project management, and communication. 

But a single marketing project management software can do all these tasks. This reduces the number of tools used and streamlines the workflow. To help you make better decisions, here is the list of top 10 marketing project management software:

1. Monday.com

For creative and marketing teams, monday.com offers a custom solution. The tool will offer easy access to information as all works are centralized. For any workflows like social media calendar, campaign tracking, and more, the tool offers customizable tables.

It is one of the marketing project management tools where you can integrate the software with other working tools. Customizable workflows for a high volume of work are also made possible with the software.


  • Its automation features make work easier. 
  • Track everything your team is working on. 
  • It can prioritize tasks and give notifications.

2. ClickUp

ClickUp is one of the best free marketing project management tools available in the market. The free plan offers every feature you need, but the storage option is limited. This tool offers customizable view options to highlight key accounts and campaigns. 

It is easy to organize tasks with its customizable features. ClickUp also includes reporting features with various built-in report types and a native time tracker for team reporting. 


  • It offers assigned task management.
  • Virtual whiteboard for strategic planning, mind-mapping, and brainstorming
  • Highly customizable dashboards

3. Striven

You can streamline every part of the project management process with Striven marketing project management tool. In the list of marketing project management tools, Striven stands unique in its simplicity in creating and managing the project. 

You can set a project budget and then track it with the clearly defined rules and expectations the marketing team has to follow. The share feature in the tool helps in sharing the tasks with the team members.  


  • Developmental sprint boards for managing assigned tasks
  • Schedule and plan projects.
  • Use drag and drop to create dynamic task flows.

4. Asana

Asana is a powerful marketing project management tools with extensive features that offer a lot of benefits. It has a simple and user-friendly interface that allows easy creation, assigning, and tracking of tasks. 

By providing a clear overview of tasks, Asana helps teams to stay organized and focused on deadlines. Asana promotes team collaboration with comments, attachments, and task update features. The tool can be integrated with other popular apps and also helps in file sharing. 


  • Create reports immediately
  • Teams can be coordinated through automated procedures created by a workflow builder
  • The Timeline function can quickly construct other views.

5. Wrike

Wrike is one of the most powerful marketing project management tools with automation, cross-departmental collaboration, and 360-degree visibility. It can be the best fit for marketing companies with its customizable solutions. 

For any team-specific streamline process and automation, the custom dashboard and workflow will be of great help. It has extraordinary security features along with templates that make it easier to get the most out of the marketing.


  • Wrike offers complete visibility.
  • It offers features like live editing, real-time notifications, dynamic reports, etc.
  • It has features that encourage team collaboration.

6. Trello

Trello is one of the affordable and simple marketing project management tools. It visually represents the projects and tasks, which makes the interface more user-friendly. The users can prioritize duties and quickly move their projects with a simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Team members can assign tasks, attach files and make a comment on the project to make communication easier. With expanded functionality, the software offers more than 200 different applications. 


  • Seven different type of views for each team member
  • 26 marketing project templates
  • No-code automation is embedded into every board

7. Smartsheet

Marketing teams can easily manage their content, tasks, and people in a single platform called Smartsheet. Its huge package of features makes it one of the best marketing project management tools. 

The platform helps to get real-time insights for making the best strategies to leverage the market. Marketing teams can forecast business, make the right budget and schedule the project with the help of Spreadsheet’s real-time reporting. 


  • Get real-time reports on the success of your strategy.
  • Centralize and automate key marketing project processes.
  • Fasten the review and approval of content.

8. Zoho

Marketing teams can use Zoho to manage the project and tasks. The drag-and-drop Blueprints feature can be used to make visual processes for upcoming projects. You can make yourself better with project scheduling, budgeting, reporting, and planning with this software. 

It supports teams in monitoring time, progress, and money. Marketing teams usually need to use a variety of software services and tools, and many tools can be integrated with Zoho. It means that everything you need to know is easily accessible on the Zoho dashboard.


  • Project management for both simple and complicated tasks
  • The Blueprints function automates difficult project work
  • Personalized graphs and reports to monitor and evaluate progress

9. Teamwork

Teamwork is a project management tool that makes life easier for marketing teams. The platform can help in automating the process associated with marketing tasks. 

Teamwork goes one step ahead of other marketing project management tools to improve team collaboration by having all the tools necessary for executing and communicating tasks. The tool allows teams to get past data to set a realistic timeline for achieving good results. 


  • Simple resource administration
  • Use charts and boards to visualize tasks
  • It supports an infinite number of client users

 10. Notion

Notion is last in the list of top 10 marketing project management tools that integrate note-taking, project management, and collaboration capabilities. Users can create and manage databases, notes, and documents in a flexible way. 

Users of a block-based system can effectively organize and format their information and other types of media. Real-time editing and commenting tools facilitate seamless collaboration among team members. 


  • Taking notes and project management together
  • Notion AI facilitates faster and more effective work.
  • Almost any project can be created using drag-and-drop templates.

Final thoughts

The right marketing tool will simplify the tasks in project management. While choosing from the list of marketing project management tools given above, you should consider features, budget, and more. It is recommended to check the tool thoroughly for functional

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