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Top 10 HR Case Management Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)

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HR Case Management Software

What can you get from the power of modern HR Case Management Software? These software are designed to streamline new hires, payroll, and onboarding benefits. HR case management software is best for all businesses and it assists in managing employee information and process.

Business of any size and especially for those focused on growth and employee satisfaction, HR case management software is a must. Here is a list of carefully selected top 10 best hr case management software you can incorporate into your business:

1. Freshworksfreshteam

Freshteam is the best hr case management software that can help you hire new employees, offboard existing employees and manage employee information. In this single platform, you can help your employees manage their tasks with self-service. 

The employee document can be kept in one place, help to apply time off, track the efficiency with HR analytics, and do much more with integrations.


  • Vast number of templates.
  • Manage the onboarding process from day one.
  • Automatically update the employee database with the new hire’s information.

2. Workday


For a well-rounded experience in planning, HR, and analytics, Workday is the best hr case management software. It can merge the HR process with the finance process to improve the integration features. 

Workday tool is suitable for mid and large-sized business to improve their HR management. It offers personalized features to professional services like education management, billable time, and sales operations to keep up with the growth.


  • Analytics and reporting to monitor benefits, payroll, and task progress for HR
  • Management and tracking of employee time
  • Automating professional service workflows

3. BambooHR


BambooHR is one of the best hr case management software for managing payroll, benefits, and employee data. The software revolves around the personal experience of employees in accessing their tasks. 

This tool is best suited for small and medium-sized business that focuses on employee retention and improving their efficiency. It has tools that make it easy to use the benefits, set performance goals, collect feedback, and more.


Multiple personal and public calendars to calculate time off 

Reporting on company management, growth and retention

Built-in onboarding packets include electronic signing. 

4. ZingHR


ZincHR is an all-in-one best hr case management software solution that looks into all HR processes right from the hiring-to-retire cycle. ZincHR can be used by small, medium, and large companies for workforce management, performance management, talent acquisition, and payroll processing. The enormous features available in the tool make it perfect for any work in HR management.


  • Basic organization setup with employee survey and feedback.
  • Easy leave and attendance management. 
  • Reporting for company management and employee satisfaction.

5. ClickUp


To provide wall-to-wall solutions for companies of any size ClickUp can be the best hr case management software. It is an all-in-one productivity platform with thousands of integration features and hundreds of customizable features. 

The software allows for centralization of the work process and makes it a collaborative workspace. This can be perfect for HR teams to manage employee data, tasks, and time. To simplify and optimize the HR process ClickUp offers flexibility for teams of any size.


  • Table view for a data management interface in a spreadsheet
  • Multiple sorting, filtering, and grouping options in the list view
  • Workload view to control the capacity of your team

6. Zoho People

zoho people

Zoho People is a trendy and efficient best hr case management software that is also cost-effective. It can help HR to organize questions and keep track of the application status. 

The data can be stored in a central location to easily find what you need and avoid any unwanted emails or phone calls. Zoho People helps the employee to keep always in touch with HR and makes communication much more manageable and accessible.


  • Records for attendance and shift management
  • Accurate analytics and reports 
  • Process of timely feedback for improved outcomes 

7. Workpro HR

workpro hr

To manage problems from the bottom up, Workpro HR is the best hr case management software. This software can deal with any problems related to HR management, from discipline issues and complaints. 

You can get easy access to the information you need, like the names and details of the employee. Workpro HR takes HR and case management to a new level through accurate recording, careful handling, and consistent management. You can make reports, keep track of time frames at a glance and automate the process.


  • Standard reports and analyses with complete management oversight
  • Alerts to problems before they become evident 
  • Extremely flexible and replaceable

8. Rippling


Ripping is a cloud-based software that simplifies the HR, IT, and finance processes. There are a lot of features that are required for effective HR management. The software is easy to learn and enjoyable to use with its user-friendly interface. From payroll management to feedback surveys, you can find anything needed for HR management.


Analytics and workforce reports to monitor hiring progress

Automation of workflows for recurring activities 

Customized access and approvals with role-based permissions and policies

9. Ciphr


Ciphr is an effective and best hr case management software with loaded features. It is easy to manage, record cases effectively and safely to monitor cases. You can get a timely level of services with lower compliance risk. Ciphr helps you keep a safe record of the history and gives you an accurate report on every case data.


  • Clearly defined protocol for every case 
  • Effective query management and resolution 
  • Securely storing the records

10. Gusto


Gusto is the best hr case management software that helps small and medium-sized teams manage payroll, employee benefits, performance evaluations, and onboarding. 

Gusto provides insights and time-and-attendance tools for a self-service experience for all employees. It also offers more in terms of hiring and talent acquisition, including feedback requests, job ads, and offer letter templates.


  • Complete payroll services, including automated tax filing, compliance, and contractor payments
  • Recruiting management to monitor prospects from application to onboarding
  • Includes health, dental and vision insurance.

Final thoughts

To stay competitive in the field, an HR team needs one of the best hr case management software. You can use any of the top 10 HR software with features that appeal to your business in the long run. This software tool helps improve the overall experience of the HR manager and employees.

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