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4 Best Pipedrive Alternatives & Competitors in 2023:

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Any business organization that wants to succeed needs a customer relationship management system. If you are an enterprise owner or entrepreneur, you are sure you have heard of Pipedrive. Pipedrive is a fantastic CRM solution for managing sales, but not everyone will find it helpful. Look into the best Pipedrive alternative if you want to test out new products or need new software features. Many people are looking for robust, uncomplicated software programs with campaign management, partner relationship management, and marketing return on investment analytics. Technology that is frequently used is CRM software. Other essential factors to consider while evaluating alternatives to Pipedrive include emails and user interface. To develop and prosper your company, you must carefully focus on marketing, sales, and customer service. On Pipedrive CRM, there are only sales tools offered. The following information has compiled a list of the best Pipedrive alternatives to save you time:

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1. EngageBay:

EngageBay is a powerful CRM solution for small- to medium-sized organizations. EngageBay’s support allows you to manage and modify your sales pipeline easily. EngageBay offers marketing automation, reporting and analytics, popup email forms, helpdesk integration, and social media tracking to recover customer interactions. The cherry on top of this Pipedrive replacement is that it offers all its cutting-edge features for amazingly low prices.

EngageBay is the best Pipedrive alternative which offers numerous helpful tools and resources for sales teams, including a versatile mobile app, and has amazing possibilities for nearly any business willing to put in the time to set it up yet needs manual data entry to work. All users are eligible for additional 10% and 20% discounts on yearly and biannual memberships. The platform is surprisingly easy to use because of the simplified UI, and EngageBay clients enjoy excellent helpful customer support.


  • Trustworthy report skills
  • Assistance with the support desk, live chat, and marketing
  • Quick response from clients
  • Plans for low costs without additional fees


  • Needs to improve integration
  • Sometimes feel very cluttered

2. HubSpot:

A complete help center, a popular blog with tons of free materials, and more expert support at higher subscription levels are all available as support alternatives. HubSpot integrates with several applications, including Gmail and WordPress. HubSpot is simple to use for users of all skill levels, and it offers excellent customization capabilities and services that work well for businesses of all sizes. Pipedrive, on the other hand, is less expensive than HubSpot and provides simple subscription alternatives.

However, CRM’s powerful marketing automation tools from HubSpot could be an issue when used as a sales tool. Sales teams frequently discover it has a steep learning curve and less capability for the job. Similar to transactional CRMs, adding and updating contacts involves manual data entry. The time it takes to enter contact information has a cost, so even if the free plan allows you to test many CRM features, you should know this. Additionally, rather than assisting relationship-driven dealmakers in closing deals, HubSpot CRM performs better for traditional, volume, and funnel-driven sales teams.


  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Effective contact management
  • Live chat & ticketing
  • Opportunity tracking


  • Sometimes make an issues
  • Limited integration

3. Zoho CRM:

The Pipedrive and Zoho CRM provide excellent AI-powered assistants for sales. Clients may employ Pipedrive’s smart AI assistant to estimate potential revenue and examine past results. But in addition to predicting impending sales, Zoho CRM takes a step further by providing a conversational AI assistant using the title of Zia. Users can request sales statistics by calling Zia from the Zoho CRM mobile app or typing on their PC. Zia helps users with everything from finding out about leads and deals to taking notes, providing sales data, grading leads, and offering advice based on how a deal is going.

However, the free edition of Zoho CRM has a limit of three users and only allows users of the more expensive plans access to its comprehensive analytics capabilities. For those who prefer unlimited user allocation on a free plan, Freshsales is the best choice. If you need powerful analytics features but a more economical package, looking into salesforce essentials is a good idea. In addition to its excellent analytics and AI capabilities, Zoho CRM provides simple tools for tracking transactions, managing leads, and monitoring sales progress. Zoho CRM examines all of your performance and forecasting data, both recent and historical, to recommend the most exact targets for your business.


  • Task management and reminders
  • Lead scoring
  • Social media management


  • If you need to scale up, it might not be good for your company
  • Lack of management

4. Keap:

Pipedrive’s visual CRM software needs more sophisticated project tracking features outside sales. On the other side, users can schedule work and monitor project milestones with Keap’s integrated project management tools. They can use it to manage work processes, change workflow parameters, and turn winning opportunities into projects. Users can also connect to external apps to enable seamless team collaboration. Keap is a straightforward CRM, however, it does have certain shortcomings. The program also features an e-commerce component that lets you integrate a number of payment connections.

 Keap is one of the best CRM tools available. It includes analytics, e-payment sections, marketing automation software, and CRM. With the help of these solutions, sending automated emails to a specific audience from within the same CRM platform is quite straightforward and only needs a few clicks. Another significant aspect is the automation of sales. You may send your target audience tailored emails based on various triggers once they have entered the funnel and your leads have been converted without the assistance of your sales team. The intricate automation builder makes all this possible, resembling a primary drag-and-drop menu.


  • Better at service and support
  • Risk-free services
  • Easier to integrate and deploy
  • Better evaluation and contracting


  • Offers fewer functions 
  • It is not easy to use

Final thoughts:

Finally, Pipedrive CRM is a pioneer in the business community. But does it mean it is the best CRM for your business? Every firm has unique demands and goals. Before signing up for a CRM, testing out a few different programs is important. In this article, you will find the best Pipedrive alternatives for every small business.

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