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6 Best Cold Calling Software That You Must Check Out in 2023

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Your sales personnel could become agitated and even anxious due to the growing amount of tasks they must complete. Your teams may need help to progress in achieving targets or scheduling meetings due to these productivity bottlenecks.

This also implies that your personal sales objectives are being put at risk. Fewer calls indicate fewer conversions, which means less money. So here comes the cold calling software, which is a great way to speak with potential customers and start discussions.

The best cold-calling software can assist with tracking sales effectiveness and gaining insightful information from data. Are you prepared to increase sales and advance cold calling? To locate your ideal fit, look at these top-rated cold-calling software options.

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What Is Cold Calling Software?

Cold calling software helps your sales staff handle prospects, make cold calls effectively, and track sales activity about call performance.

It frequently represents just one application of a broader range of call center technology used in outbound contact centers.

It differs from generic communications software for mixed communication models with features like CRM integration and auto-dialing capabilities that make life simpler for your salespeople.

Top features of cold calling software

  • Power Dialer

The automatic calling feature of the Power Dialer increases overall productivity. Instead of manually dialing each phone number, it allows your salespeople to focus on the essential tasks, freeing them of their time.  

An automatic dialing tool makes consecutive calls to contacts on a contact list. As a result, it saves much time compared to manual dialing, which is typically required.

  • Call Recording

For any sales staff, having the option to record calls is essential. Recorded calls can teach new team members, validate prospect information, and guarantee that your team makes high-caliber calls.

Last, you can utilize your call records to support your legal position if you are questioned about your TCPA compliance. 

List of best cold calling software

1. Salesmate


Your teams can utilize Salesmate which is an all-in-one sales and marketing tool with effective cold-calling and other features.  

Salesmate may significantly improve the effectiveness of your outreach workflows, whether you run a start-up or an enterprise-level company. 

You may rapidly set up the system and start calling immediately, whether looking for a local or toll-free phone number.  

Several built-in calling tools in Salesmate enhance the experience of making cold calls. You not only receive all the features for cold calling with Salesmate, but you also get the features you need to manage and close those leads. 

Key features

  • Power dialer
  • Voice mail drop
  • Call forwarding

2. RingCentral


RingCentral is a well-known name in communications software. Its Engage Voice solution includes a variety of calls, including manual, preview, progressive, and predictive conversations.

This solution was created primarily for outbound sales and service. Based on the kinds of campaigns your agents are working on, you can tailor the available calls.

By designing call scripts specific to each lead, you can further customize the agent and lead experiences. You may connect RingCentral to your existing products by accessing its API and integration marketplace.

RingCentral is best suited for larger organizations and teams that must tailor campaigns for various lead kinds.

Key features

  • Virtual phone system
  • Auto dialer  
  • Automatic call recording

3. PhoneBurner


Cold calling software like PhoneBurner automates the entire sales process and allows sales representatives to make more cold calls.  

Reps can effortlessly interact with prospects due to the virtual phone service it offers. You can also set your telephone list up to auto-dial numbers.

To improve the effectiveness of cold calling, you may also record every customer interaction and listen to it later.  

An automated voicemail is left if one of your prospects doesn’t answer the phone. It also allows connectivity with several robust CRM systems.

Key features

  • Power dialer
  • Call deliverability
  • Remote dialing

4. Aircall


One of the best cloud call center options for sales and support teams is Aircall. The software is ideal for increasing each rep’s output and streamlining cold calls for your company.

The tool can significantly reduce the amount of fat in your general cold-calling efforts with features like automatically triggered post-call procedures to minimize downtime between calls.

Its top-notch analytics tools can assist managers in comprehending the performance of their teams and in making data-driven decisions as a result.

Key features

  • Call Recording
  • CRM integration
  • Time-based routing

5. JustCall


For organizations of all sizes, JustCall is an all-in-one cloud phone system. It gives local phone numbers in around 70 countries, enabling sales representatives to communicate with any device.  

Simply upload your contact list, and the robust auto-dialer will handle the rest. As a result, you may increase the rate of cold calling and avoid the time-consuming manual dialing process.

Additionally, you may record and analyze the cold calls to keep tabs on the effectiveness of your sales representatives.

Connect with a CRM and other useful apps as well to create corporate workflows that are quicker and smarter.

Key features

  • Call recording
  • Voicemail by email
  • Call forwarding

6. CloudTalk


The dedicated cold calling capabilities all-in-one call center is CloudTalk, enabling you to interact more with potential clients.

The cold calling software from CloudTalk is ideal for small and large teams, even if you work alone as a salesperson.

You may upload your prospect list with their phone numbers and use the one-click call tool to start rapidly calling people on the list. It is comparatively simple to set up and use.

You may integrate CloudTalk into your cold outreach routine using a variety of connectors with well-known CRMs and sales tools.

Key features

  • Call analytics
  • Call masking
  • Simple integration

Ending thoughts

Using the best cold calling software, you can improve lead engagement, boost sales, and maintain compliance with various telemarketing regulations in multiple countries. Your agents will have more time due to their resources, allowing them to make more effective calls to your leads.

Research the above-listed cold calling software if you want to locate a solution that works for your business. Consider purchasing a system that focuses on making outgoing calls and provides the crucial capabilities to make your business process easier.

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