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What is Call Center CRM Software? 5 Best CRM for Call Center

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best crm for call center

When the customer is waiting on the other end, call center employees know how frustrating it may be to be unable to find the necessary information.

You require technologies that provide you with a 360-degree perspective of your client to remain competitive and deliver outstanding customer service. Customer service employees know the numerous demands they must respond to quickly each minute.

Automate your tasks to serve your customers and develop a close relationship with them. Customers who feel ignored may lose faith in you, which will be disastrous for your firm.

A call center CRM software solution is the ideal choice in this situation. By providing clients with a tailored experience, Call Center CRM software can help you stay ahead of your rivals.

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What is Call Center CRM Software?

A CRM system for call centers assists in managing and tracking client contacts across various channels. Live chat and email are additional channels. 

It gives agents access to call history and consumer data, enabling them to provide individualized support. With this, managers can also keep an eye on their team’s performance. 

Call recording, routing, scripting, automatic call distribution, and reporting are among their everyday functions.

Benefits of Call Center CRM Software

  • Increasing Agent Productivity

Agents frequently have a lot of pointless tasks to complete, such as updating caller information or obtaining interaction data.

The final difficult chore is searching for client information from several displays. Due to the nature of their work, your agents should be engaged in generating leads and increasing conversions.

The use of manual processes to update caller information is no longer necessary, due to the integrated CRM system’s seamless data flow across systems.

Instead of dealing with post-call tasks, the agent may spend more time communicating with the consumer.

  • Omni-channel Contact Management

Digitization has made a significant improvement to the communication touchpoints. Being timely across all of these platforms is a difficult task that requires assistance.

A built-in CRM is that assistance, you can gather information about customer interactions with these contact points.

This encompasses going from visiting a website to starting a conversation.

  • Boosted customer experience

The rise in customer reliance on self-service channels like live chat and chatbots highlights the need to focus more on personalized interactions.

Customer happiness is crucial to maintaining an organization’s market presence because customers are businesses’ ultimate source of growth.

By highlighting their needs and preferences, CRM integration provides valuable insights into the customer journey. These can be used to customize agent responses appropriately and boost conversions.

Every interaction is documented and easily accessible on a single screen in the customer’s history. The combination of CRM and contact centers demonstrates its customer-focused nature by delivering seamless customer journeys.

Best CRM for Call Center

1. EngageBay


EngageBay is a user-friendly CRM that offers marketing, sales, and customer support capabilities as part of its All-in-One bundle.

It has call prioritization tools that advise agents about which clients to call based on their website activity.

You can record crucial calls to ensure you obtain the information you need from consumers and add call notes to keep track of previous interactions with your connections.

With EngageBay, you can track every client interaction in a centralized platform using service features like ticketing, issue segmentation, and automated workflows to highlight tickets needing urgent attention.


  • Social media integration
  • Calendar management
  • Reporting dashboard

2. Salesmate


One of the top call center CRMs is Salesmate. It provides your staff with straightforward, individualized, and fruitful encounters.

Additionally, it offers the most excellent virtual phone system in the business as a productive CRM calling software for a call center.

Consequently, you don’t require a separate calling program. For the most effective communication, use the built-in text & automation features.

Power dialer that uses automation to call contacts from the selected activities individually. Call-easing features include call reports, call recording, and automatic call forwarding.


  • Automated Workflows
  • Customization
  • Call Routing

3. Pipedrive 


Pipedrive is a CRM that focuses on sales but is also advertised as a call center CRM solution. You can effortlessly import contacts and automate your call management procedures with Pipedrive’s in-house contact center.

It enables you to plan follow-up activities based on the content and results of your previous call. Pipedrive’s AI-powered sales assistant offers insights and recommendations on the best approach with contacts, leads, and deals.

It also enables you to engage contacts more effectively. By examining email openings, involvement in online forums, and related business in the pipeline, the program notifies you when to call a contact next.


  • Workflow Automation
  • Call Tracking
  • Customization

4. Freshworks


A top sales CRM with powerful customer management capabilities and call center functionality is Freshsales by Freshworks.

Its outbound dialer aids you in making calls by automatically dialing the number in customer records. Whereas inbound calling capabilities such as ticket routing and call management enable you to take calls from leads and get them to the appropriate person.

These factors make Freshsales a solid option for call centers searching for powerful yet economical tools combined with Freshdesk integrations.

While Freshsales provides several crucial call center functions at a cost that most people can afford, its free edition needs to be improved in many of these aspects.


  • Deliver personalized messages
  • Log calls automatically
  • CRM Reporting

5. Bitrix24


Customer management software is Bitrix24 which combines extensive call center functions with crucial CRM technologies.

Inbound and outbound phone calls, IVR, call recording, call forwarding, and conventional CRM are all included in the free version.

You can upgrade to its paid levels if you eventually need more sophisticated capabilities, such as analytics tools and sales intelligence, to assist in converting leads into paying customers.

With its free plan, Bitrix24 delivers good value for your money by offering many call center and CRM tools.


  • Queuing and Request Processing
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Integrations

Capping words

CRMs that let you track your actions and reactions while giving you customer insights should be available in call centers. The best Call Center CRM software will link with third-party programs and offer the necessary features for managing customer relations. Read the above-listed call center CRM software and choose the best one that will work best for you

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