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7 Free SEO Audit Tools For Site Audits in 2023

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Are you looking for the top SEO audit tools to stay on top of the ongoing changes to SERP algorithms? Or are you disappointed it isn’t ranked higher after adding content to your website? If yes, then you can reduce the hours spent manually assessing your SEO with the aid of SEO audit tools.

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The best thing you can do for your website and finances is to use free SEO audit tools. Everyone wants their website to function well and perform well in search results. The unavoidable answer is SEO.

Research keywords, evaluate the quality of your material, and keep an eye on your backlinks. Of course, this is not all; as a result, you must monitor the development of your website and should immediately begin using SEO audit tools.

There are many free SEO audit tools available in the online platform to help you in a better way. Here you can see the list of 7 SEO tools:

 1. Answer the Public

answer the public

Using a keyword as a starting point, Answer the Public allows you to discover what people want to know. They differ from other search engines.

It is because of their capacity to examine Google queries and, using the data obtained, identify new terms and search intent. This aids in your ability to ascertain the opinions of your clients.

Answer Because Google bases rank in part on how pertinent users find a piece of material, the public’s insights are beneficial for SEO.

This is determined by how long visitors stay on the website and which previews they click. Furthermore, the insights assist in narrowing down your term choices.

2. Ahrefs


Many SEO tools are free, but Ahrefs is a premium application. Among them are various tools for Amazon and various search engines’ keyword research.

Additionally, you have certain widgets and link-building tools that look at the top 10 results for any term. A keyword rank checker is the last tool, providing information on how well your website performs globally for a given time.

The value of these tools is enormous. They function with websites other than Google, which broadens the scope of your keyword search capabilities. Additionally, bounce rates and link creation from broken backlinks negatively affect SEO.

Finally, you can use the ranking data to assist you in developing or maintaining your dominant position by planning your strategy accordingly.

3. Siteliner


CopyScape, a company that offers an anti-plagiarism service, provides the free Siteliner duplicate content tool.

The main strength of Siteliner is its capacity to spot web pages on a website that contain similar material. Because of this, it is simple to identify areas where content could be improved. Ideally, each article should have its original material.

Depending on how closely related the articles are to one another, Google may be forced to choose which page is the most crucial and make it the canonical one.

Web pages will stand out if they don’t have redundant paragraphs throughout their articles. A maximum of 250 pages can be scanned. You should be aware of a potential issue with thin pages, though.

4. Netpeak Spider

netpear spider

One of the complete technical SEO audit tools is Netpeak Spider. You should be able to use it if you have intermediate to expert SEO understanding. And this tool is a perfect choice if your only goal is to comprehend deeper hiding SEO concerns.

You may locate areas for traffic development and identify sluggish optimization problems for your website. Also, you can automatically generate optimization reports regularly.

This tool allows you to crawl and audit several domains. That enables you to analyze your rivals’ websites, ascertain what they are doing well, and incorporate them into your website.

You can choose custom parameters with the Netpeak Spider tool to optimize pages and generate results.

5. Screaming Frog

screaming frog

The free edition of Screaming Frog is the industry-standard site auditing software. It is ideal for auditing smaller sites with fewer than 500 URLs.

Screaming Frog automatically provides information about your outbound links, internal links, images, and response codes.

Also, this tool offers information about title tags, Meta description tags, headings, images, and essentially everything else about a site to check for site health and errors.

You may set the user agent in Screaming Frog to mimic Googlebot, Bing, Chrome, or any other user agent you like to see how your site responds. It gives you a fundamental understanding of how search engines and users interact with your website.

6. Sitebulb


Sitebulb is a desktop website crawler that scans your site. Doing this provides practical advice for what needs to be improved to support the growth of your organic traffic and rankings.

Sitebulb informs you of how crawler-friendly your website is and how search engines perceive it. Any broken internal or external links and incorrect redirection will be made clear to you by the crawling tool.

Additionally, it finds outs which pages have a lot of organic traffic, how many have no traffic, and which ones want to update.

You may learn more about your site’s architecture and its crawling effectiveness by using this SEO audit tool.

7. MobileMoxie


A completely functional mobile SEO tool is available from MobileMoxie. The MobileMoxie SERP checker lets you see how the rankings appear on a wide range of mobile phone screens.

This program is beneficial because it may be localized to any city worldwide. Therefore, you may look up a person’s mobile rank in any city worldwide.

A MobileMoxie Web Page Checker also shows how your website appears on practically any mobile device.

This will assist you in optimizing your website to maximize conversions on various mobile devices. The resource is entirely functional and offers three free uses.

Ending thoughts

You will need patience and persistence to improve your SEO rankings. Even if you follow the proper procedures, results will only appear after some time.

However, the journey may be more straightforward and much quicker with the use of free SEO audit tools. You can select the appropriate keyword phrases, audit your website, speed up your web pages, monitor your SEO tactics, and target the proper demographics.

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