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The 7 Best Marketing Automation Tools Available to You

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The secret weapon for increasing efficiency and business growth is marketing automation software. Small business owners, marketers, and independent software developers can use marketing automation technologies.

It is to automate marketing campaigns, streamline workflows, nurture leads for sales and marketing teams, and increase conversion rates. Choosing the finest marketing automation software might take a lot of work, given the abundance of available solutions. 

In this post, there will be the list of top modern marketing automation tools to accelerate the process:

What are Marketing Automation Tools?

Automating marketing tools helps your business streamline and boost productivity and effectiveness.  

These platforms automate routine tasks like ad campaigns, social network posting, and email marketing using technology. Other advantages include managing consumer data, enabling personalization, and providing analytics and insights.

Platforms for marketing automation allow companies to improve their marketing initiatives while saving time, reducing human error, and achieving better results.

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Benefits of Marketing Automation Software

  • Efficiency

Your entire business will operate more effectively due to marketing automation. By giving your team more time to work on more critical, strategic projects, you can save staffing expenditures.

Marketing automation software can automate the daily social media posting process instead of doing it manually. This frees your staff to focus on more imaginative tasks like campaign planning and project ideation.

  • Boosting conversion rates

As for boosting conversion rates, marketing automation may also increase team productivity. Using marketing automation tools, you can raise conversion rates, and handle leads more effectively.

Your marketing automation software will track your prospects, and you can even use it for retargeting website visitors to raise your conversion rate optimization.

Again, marketing automation ought to allow your team more time to assess your marketing plan and think about how to convert visitors.

  • Personalization

Automated marketing platforms gather and examine consumer data, including preferences, purchase histories, and surfing patterns. Following that, this data is used to customize marketing campaigns for specific customers, resulting in more relevant and personalized experiences.

With the help of automation marketing software, even the email can be personalized according to your needs. It develops stronger ties and improves leads or customer happiness.

Best Marketing Automation Tools

1. EngageBay


Another advanced marketing automation system made exclusively for small- to medium-sized businesses is EngageBay. Email marketing, social media management, and website chat are just a few of the many functions of this software.

Some other excellent capabilities include A/B testing, SMS marketing, push notifications, abandoned cart retrieval and reminders, autoresponders, scripted responses, and more. 

Drag-and-drop builders for landing sites and emails are another that simplify your business process. 


  • Drip Email Campaigns
  • Smart Customer Segmentation
  • Email Personalization

2. Marketo


The most well-known marketing automation tool is Marketo. It is one of the tools with a comprehensive feature for managing email campaigns, and it also offers top-notch capabilities for sales teams.

LaunchPoint is another marketplace run by Marketo. It features a large number of integrations. Companies that want to utilize Marketo’s numerous features beyond simple marketing automation will benefit significantly from the software.

A tool like Marketo might be an excellent place to start if you want to start with the fundamentals and proceed to more complex functionality shortly.


  • Activity Dashboard
  • Advertising Management
  • Behavior Analytics

3. Omnisend


Omnisend is one of the most complete marketing automation tools available in the market. This marketing automation software differs from the others on this list due to its omnichannel capabilities.

It enables you to integrate many channels into a single automation workflow, including Facebook Messenger, SMS, push notifications, and email. With this, you can design an immersive omnichannel experience for your clients.

Omnisend is undoubtedly a marketing automation platform worth looking into with its sophisticated targeting, split automation, and simple drag-and-drop builder.


  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Integration

4. ActiveCampaign


A powerful and inexpensive marketing automation solution is ActiveCampaign. For e-commerce marketers, it is perfect because of its extensive feature set.

With its simple setup and user-friendly interface, maintaining campaigns is a breeze. Your email marketing solution may be used as an extension of your Shopify store due to active campaigns simple integration with Shopify.

In addition, ActiveCampaign assists with automating emails depending on customer behavior to increase sales from current clients.


  • Automate personalized email
  • Automatic lead magnets
  • Social Media Scheduling

5. Ontraport 


Ontraport is automation software created with small enterprises, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs in mind.

Along with CRM and marketing automation functions, it offers many other tools for running and growing a small business, which include email marketing, landing pages, reporting, and e-commerce.

Ontraport’s emphasis on reporting and insights is one of its most significant features. Ontraport provides you with a clear view of the effectiveness of your campaigns.


  • Marketing automation
  • Email marketing
  • Reporting

6. HubSpot


One of the most effective tools on this list in terms of features is the marketing automation feature of HubSpot. 

Sales, marketing, and support software are all part of HubSpot’s complete growth suite, which seamlessly interacts with the company’s CRM platform.

A user-friendly visual board is included in HubSpot’s marketing automation feature. It allows you to create conditional workflows of any complexity. The automation capabilities from HubSpot go far beyond email, allowing you to scale your growth and spend less time on monotonous activities.


  • Automated Email Drip Campaigns
  • Personalized Workflows
  • Lead Scoring

7. Pardot


The Salesforce Marketing tool is known as Pardot. It is a cloud automation service that caters primarily to enterprise clients with the time and technical resources to become familiar with the platform.

The best marketing automation software includes many features that automate engagement with current contacts, including CRM connection, email marketing and lead nurturing to ensure your campaigns are effective.

Based on the criteria you provide, you may track every interaction on your website and create predicted lead scoring. All of this enhances the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and frees up your sales team’s time and energy.


  • Generate more leads
  • Personalized campaigns
  • Reports on ROI

Bottom line

The market for marketing automation is still developing. Even today, there are a lot of differing opinions on which digital marketing automation technology is appropriate for each organization. By determining your particular requirements and selecting the best digital marketing automation solutions to meet your company’s objectives.

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