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7 Best Virtual Online Meeting Platforms & Software

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Are you a sales manager who routinely holds online meetings with clients and customers? Do you frequently face connection problems, security worries, accessibility restrictions, or a lack of collaborative tools? If so, it is time to think about the best virtual meeting platforms and software.Virtual meeting platforms are also known as online or web meeting platforms. It enables remote communication among users with the help of the Internet. Recently, this platform has a video conferencing feature, chat and screen sharing.Many companies are recently introducing new virtual meeting platform into the market. The ideal option for your business will rely on various elements, including your number of employees, your financial situation, and any specialized features you require. Here you can see the list of best Virtual Meeting Platforms & Software:

1. Zoom


When compared to other software, Zoom is a major player in the field of video conferencing. Even if your participants don’t have Zoom accounts, you can still invite them using a URL.Team members will immediately join a virtual room by clicking on the URL. The free version of Zoom’s software allows registered users to host meetings for up to 100 participants.It is because of the availability of the many advanced features in every package. This best online meeting platform offers faultless video, crystal-clear audio, and fast-sharing features.Zoom is the outstanding web conference software that easily and successfully communicate with customers remotely.


  • Host up to 100 participants
  • 1-1 and group meetings
  • Unlimited meetings

2. Google meet


Google Meet is the best online meeting platform that completely integrated with Google’s G Suite program. It makes a great option for companies already utilizing Google Suite.This platform includes some advanced features like live subtitles and anti-abuse tools, and it can hold gatherings with up to 250 attendees.This virtual meeting platform offers a complete web app experience, which is considered one of its main advantages. Also, with Google Meet, you can easily communicate with coworkers through group chats and conference calls.Both PlayStore and AppStore provide specialized mobile apps that users can download. Any size business that does not wish to incur significant monthly expenses to arrange video conferences will find this platform as the ideal choice.


  • Provides dial-in numbers 
  • Integrates with Google calendar
  • Less data consumption

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3. Cisco Webex


A better video collaboration software for webinars, online training, and remote help is Cisco Webex. This platform particularly suits well for companies that have valid security concerns.Transport Layer Security, third-party certifications, encryption, firewall compatibility, single sign-on, and secure scheduling are some of the options this platform provides.The feature of the Cisco Webex platform seamlessly Outlook integration and cross-platform compatibility with other platforms.Also, Cisco Webex is a component of a network of collaborative remote working software. For a better experience, you can add specialized features for webinars, technical support from a distance, or training.By choosing the best online meeting platforms like Webex, you won’t have to worry about time constraints for your next online meeting.


  • Based on Cloud storage
  • Allows HD video calls
  • Accepts up to 100 guest

4. Microsoft Teams


Another best online meeting platform on the line is Microsoft Teams. This platform is suited for companies of all sizes, from small to large organizations.According to professionals, Microsoft Teams is one of the greatest software for virtual meetings. You can join up to 300 individuals in video conferences with the help of the feature called free tier.Also, it has other features like screen sharing, recording, group calls, and document sharing to make the business meeting seamless.The Business or Enterprise versions of the software give all of its functionality. It offers live captioning, integration options, immediate chat interactivity, and other customized features.Also, it offers top-notch management support, so it is one of the most widely used platforms for online meetings. This platform is perfect for business searching for strong digital workspaces for collaboration.


  • Full-suite Microsoft 365 integration
  • Custom backgrounds and blur technology
  • Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol and Private-Branch-Exchange calling option

5. GoToMeeting

go to meeting

GoToMeeting is one of the most well-known market leaders in virtual video conferencing for companies worldwide.This platform provides top features like screen-sharing, conference calls, face-to-face HD meetings, and in-meeting conversations.As the best online meeting platform, it supports desktop and mobile platforms. When compared to other platforms, GoToMeeting offers a user-rich user interface.In this platform, the user can customize the meeting by ideally selecting a colored background, a unique URL, etc., using the feature called build meeting routine.This platform holds an advanced feature called the rise a hand option, which helps to poll. Also, users can conduct limitless video meetings that are end-to-end encrypted for security.


  • Unlimited cloud recording option
  • Automatic transcription
  • Smart assistant

6. Skype 


Have you heard about virtual meetings? Then you will heard about Skype. This platform is one of the first websites to offer free voice and video chats online.Most users still use it to interact with family and friends from a distance. Recently, this platform was upgraded by providing cutting-edge features for businesses. Virtual meetings at Skype offer instant chat, screen sharing, recording, audio and video conferencing, and document collaboration.Skype distinguishes itself from competitors because of the availability of special features like conversation subtitles and chat recordings. The special integration with Microsoft Office offers robust security features for Businesses.


  • Accepts up to 10 people 
  • Best in HD video calling
  • Accepts Video call recording

7. BlueJeans


In recent days, BlueJeans has become a more difficult competitor in the video conferencing market. It is a strong business platform because it provides specialized client apps for every OS, including Linux and mobile devices.This platform is a feature-rich service with features like breakout rooms that competitors do not offer. This platform provides various conferencing functions and client apps are its best feature without overwhelming the user.The free Basic plan on the BlueJeans platform is ideal for medium-sized businesses with remote and hybrid personnel.With support for meetings with up to 25 participants, this platform offers hybrid teams a robust collection of capabilities that provide them with the resources they need to connect and work together. 


  • Accepts up to 25 participants
  • No restrictions on meeting time
  • Screen sharing and breakout rooms

Final thoughts

Whether you want to connect with your remote team or talk about project proposals with your client, the best online meeting platforms can assist you in communicating more effectively and getting your point across. By considering your business needs, choose the ideal platform. 

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