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8 Best Ecommerce Platforms for Your Business in 2023

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Best Ecommerce Platforms

Today, an e-commerce platform is software for online business users to manage their retail purchasing and vendor needs. Product pages, reviews, transactions, order accomplishments, and refunds are the main examples of these requirements. Choosing the best ecommerce platform for small business is critical to success in the ever-expanding world of online commerce. In 2023, the e-commerce market will be characterized by a plethora of platforms offering a variety of functionalities to help businesses establish, organize, and scale their online storefronts.

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Here are the lists of 8 best e-commerce platforms for your business which are listed below:

1. WooCommerce:


WooCommerce is considered one of the best WordPress eCommerce plugins. This great eCommerce platform works on any WordPress website and gives the business owner entire control over modification. In WooCommerce, you can scroll down will make known WooCommerce themes to match any brand, store, or style. Using a robust website builder also raises the bar for store personalization. WooCommerce also supports several add-ons and other plugins that make bigger the platform’s native functionality.


  • A strong emphasis is placed on SEO-optimized product pages.
  • Tax and shipping calculations that are automated
  • Market in a variety of money and languages

2. Shopify:


Shopify is a global eCommerce market leader. With Shopify’s straightforward and easy-to-use website builder, you can fast construct an online store. Shopify has a lot of paid themes available on its platform as well as third-party marketplaces. These platforms enable you to integrate apps ranging from shipping to order administration and marketing to design tools. You will be grateful for the built-in capabilities for email marketing and SEO. Although the platform includes SEO fields for products and pages, you may need to rely on an app for more in-depth information and organization.


  • A basic and clean website builder
  • Email marketing and payment processing in your native language
  • Dashboard with rich analytics and reporting capabilities

3. Squarespace:


Squarespace is one of the best e-commerce platforms for small businesses that strongly emphasizes aesthetics, making it a well-liked choice for artisans and creatives and advertising a variety of things on the platform. Squarespace allows you to modify page URLs and Meta descriptions and connect to Google Analytics, but only a little else in terms of SEO. If you need more help, Squarespace advanced features a database of experts who can assist you in optimizing your site for SEO and branding, sponsored ads, and more.


  • Page and website builder with numerous features
  • Variable product categories
  • Unique checkout forms

4. BigCommerce:

big commerce

BigCommerce is a famous eCommerce platform with a sturdy set of capabilities for businesses of all sizes. These types of software are used as open-source software or as an all-in-one SaaS platform for increasing your online store.BigCommerce is considered one of the best ecommerce platform for small business and hosted platform that gives you complete control over the formation of your online business. To begin, their page builder has many widgets that are used to construct unique pages.  Personalizing transactional and discarded cart emails for your customers increases your average order worth.


  • Page creator with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Custom page layouts and themes may be uploaded and used.
  • Customized code snippet script manager

5. Wix:


Wix is a comprehensive eCommerce platform that covers numerous areas. For starters, Wix may also offer a fantastic visual website builder that permits you to construct your online store exactly how you want it. Design, marketing, and other apps can be added to your site with a single click. Custom URLs, Meta titles, and descriptions can all be changed, as well as the values for extra Meta tags.


  • Offer both physical and digital things.
  • Excellent drag-and-drop page and product builder
  • Excellent SEO tools and capabilities

6. Big Cartel:

big cartel

Big Cartel is an eCommerce platform focused on the needs of makers, artists, and creatives, similar to Squarespace. Furthermore, because Big Cartel lacks an app store, third-party connections require more effort than other platforms. You can still handle orders, examine store insights, create discount deals, and do other things for your online store. The best ecommerce platform for small business makes it easy to set up a viable online store if you want to start selling immediately and avoid various features.


  • The dashboard is simple and uncomplicated
  • Simple order, product, and back office administration
  • Characteristics of individual and group products

7. Prestashop:


Prestashop is a free and open-source eCommerce platform similar to WordPress and WooCommerce. This platform may also include tools, modules, and capabilities many competitors charge for as paid add-ons. In Prestashop, the page builder lets you personalize most of your site’s pages and hooks. As a result, you will not collect real-time feedback on modifications to your website. You will be responsible for your store’s hosting, security, backups, and general care because Prestashop is free and open-source.   


  • Code and templates allow for extensive customization.
  • Import geolocation packs that include areas, taxes, time, language, and units.
  • Handle customer service requests and inquiries through the platform.

8. Weebly:


Weebly is a website builder, and it is best for a payment processing company. Weebly is an attractive yet simple website builder powered by one of the most well-known e-commerce organizations in the world. Weebly’s website builder is easy to use and has many themes and designs. With Square on board, the e-commerce capabilities accessible are on par with or enhance the industry standard. Though taking PayPal payments requires a higher-priced tier, you can accept almost any other payment type, even the free, ad-supported plan.


  • The drag-and-drop website builder is simple to use.
  • Advance the visibility of your products in search engine results.
  • Customization is available for specific jobs or needs.

Final thoughts:

From the above mentioned, your choice of e-commerce platform can have a vast impact on your business’s future success. The best ecommerce platform for small business enables enterprises to create and construct their online presence confidently. The top e-commerce platform makes the best selling your time online simple, stylish, and money-making with current layouts and a rich native booking calendar.

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