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9 Best SMS Marketing Platforms for Businesses in 2023

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Best SMS Marketing Platforms

One of the finest methods to stay in touch with your customer is through SMS. Text messages are more effective than emails for order confirmations, appointment reminders, special offers, and updates. Utilizing the best SMS marketing platforms, you can send consumers a text message directly or automate the process so that they receive a text message based on your booking calendar, marketing list, or other integrated app.

Here You Can See The List of Best SMS Marketing Platforms for Businesses in 2023

The best SMS marketing platform in the recent market is Salesmate which helps your businesses connect with their valuable customers through SMS. With the Salesmate platform, you can create and send personalized SMS marketing campaigns that increase sales, boost engagement, and drive growth. Call recording, call masking, voicemail drop, power dialer, and call transfers are included in this platform to make your entire business process seamless.

1. Salesmate



  • Send automated SMS with customization 
  • Sorting feature to schedule your messages  
  • Combine SMS and email marketing
  • Apps for iOS & Android 

2. Omnisend 


By integrating automated emails and text, the Omnisend SMS platform allows you to send SMS to users and create a personalized and continuous experience. Popups, newsletters, and retention workflows are just a few of the tools that Omnisend merchants use to increase sales. They are excellent at providing 24/7 customer support to help your business grow. Some pre-built automation features are available to save you time. The best SMS marketing platforms have features that easily integrate with third-party data to expand the scope of your personalized messaging.


  • Simplify the marketing with pre-built automation.  
  • Create relevant SMS marketing campaigns with marketing automation.   
  • Utilize integrated online forms to expand the contact list efficiently.  
  • Advanced options for SMS communications

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3. Klaviyo


Are you looking to alter the SMS service? If so, then Klaviyo is the best SMS marketing platform. In recent days, many companies have been using this SMS marketing platform as it holds advanced data-driven marketing tools to connect with customers. Using this SMS platform in your business provides constant announcements of new products, coupons, and time-sensitive sales. Also, it conveys the details of the order, shipping, and delivery confirmations. So the customer never gets disappointments over their products, increasing trust in your brand


  • All-in-one intuitive platform
  • Fast, user-friendly set-up
  • Automatic consent management
  • Pre-built use cases for brands 

4. TextMagic


Whether you are running an e-commerce business or are a newbie to the e-commerce business, TextMagic is the top choice. The online texting support feature included in this SMS platform allows you to easily and affordably send bulk numbers of texts to customers worldwide. The best SMS marketing platform includes an important feature that Schedules your important SMS reminders, alerts, campaigns, and notifications online to be sent when needed.


  • Mail merge custom fields
  • Easily create automated SMS flows
  • Better analysis of invalid phone numbers
  • You can add multiple users

5. Trumpia 


Trumpia is a modular choice of marketing software with functionality for voice and SMS communications. The software also includes an automatic workflow builder where you may design new workflows or use pre-made templates. The Trumpia platform has recently partnered with more companies to offer real and touchable results. The auto campaigns, real-time targeting, and behavior tracking are included in the advanced plan. The business texting service will automatically gather more useful data from your bulk text messaging campaign.


  • Speed up the procedure with the automation option
  • Use Zapier to connect to other resources
  • Largest collection of SMS features
  • Synchronizes multi-channel campaigns

6. SlickText 


One of the most often-used and the best SMS marketing platforms is SlickText, which has advanced features that let you utilize the program to send various messages. Now, you can send brief SMS messages to customers using this SMS marketing platform.   Restaurants, schools, churches, online stores, and other industries can use this platform. With the help of this platform, it is simple to interact with your subscribers through one-on-one and mass text messages. This platform includes everything you need to connect with your audience, from text-to-win competitions and SMS surveys to digital mobile coupons and loyalty reward schemes.


  • System for two-way text messaging
  • Enables series-based SMS messages
  • Connect your email and eCommerce platforms.
  • Opt-in QR code facility

7. EZTexting


The all-in-one text marketing solution is considered as EZTexting. Through this platform, you can manage an unlimited number of contacts. The personalized text message on this platform increases customer engagement and response rates. With the two-way conversation features, you can text with individual contacts and also easily view your chat history.EZ Texting is the best SMS marketing platform which streamlines appointment bookings by handling queries, confirmations, and cancellations.


  • Increase lead generation with the opt-in keywords
  • Individualized communication is made possible  
  • Features integration with native and Zapier  
  • The higher plan includes drip campaign facilities

8. ClickSend 


ClickSend develops products that are simple to use and highly integrative. Some of the most powerful businesses worldwide use this best SMS marketing platform. The user-friendly dashboard included in this platform allows you to send SMS, MMS, and Direct Mail campaigns to enhance the customer experience. You can send SMS to your reliable customers within just a few clicks.ClickSend interfaces with all the popular business apps as well as a ton of new ones. You can even create a business communications stack without writing any code.


  • Messages get delivered on time
  • 100% Uptime SLA guarantee
  • Integrates with all the business apps
  • Build powerful apps using cloud communication APIs.

9. SMSBump


For e-commerce companies looking to create effective campaigns focused on client retention and engagement, SMSBump is the best SMS marketing platforms for E-commerce platforms considering its overwhelming prices. Both novice and seasoned SMS marketers may easily create automation in SMSBump. Except for the ability to select an automation type, the automation page resembles the campaign creation page.SMBump’s message creation service is specifically designed for e-commerce companies. The platform offers many custom fields designed to be utilized only with e-commerce campaigns.


  • The sequence of automated actions
  • Advanced integration features 
  • Offer lots of custom options
  • A diverse selection of integrations

Final words:

Every SMS marketing tool available in the market has unique strengths and weaknesses. So it is essential to consider the right tool that increases your SMS ROI. Choosing the right SMS marketing software for your business depends on your requirements. 

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